Treatment 149 – The American Astronaut

americanastronautSchlocktober has come and gone, and though we may look back in shame occasionally, we also look forward with newfound optimism to November and our newest theme: Thanks, but No Thanks!! Don’t worry though, that optimism is crushed (for some of us, anyway) right out of the gate!

The American Astronaut

This is a weird one, kids. Doug chose this one as the first person to go in our attempts to torture one-another. What else can we say, but damn he’s good! Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the whole conceit of this month was more designed to torture just me…

THRILL… as the listener feedback pours in on the contentious topic of Herbert West!!

GASP… as Matt reveals his penchant for bathroom dancing!!!

WONDER… as Kirk does his sound effect of the week, and Doug does his miner impression of the week!!!

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Next Week: Kirk makes his choice for “Thanks but No Thanks” month, and it’s Godzilla’s Revenge!!!

14 thoughts on “Treatment 149 – The American Astronaut”

  1. I for one enjoy the Hardcastle and McCormick-esque interplay between Marc and the Ringler. I’d like to think that Matt really “gets the goat” of Marc on numerous occasions but Marc edits out the really mean snaps in post, leaving us only with the lamer snaps.

    Also, I am unsure if it’s on the YouTubs but I’m pretty sure the worst Japanese Godzilla is Godzilla vs the Smog Monster (which you should also do).

    Is it true that Kirk likes to publish zines? And rage against machines? He wants to kill himself it doesn’t hurt it feels fine.

      1. This is mitigated somewhat – some would say completely destroyed – by the fact that the lyrics go “I want to pierce my tongue”, not “I want to kill myself”. In fairness, the original reply was made in a Barnes and Noble computer programming section, a place where ennui and suicidal thoughts are especially common.

        1. That’s just like the theme song to M.A.S.H.K., a.k.a. “Piercing Your Tongue Is Painless.” F.U.N. F.A.C.T.: that’s how the character “Pierce” got his name on that show. Because his tongue killed itself!

    1. Hey baby I hear those movies callin’
      Schlock salad, and Marc McD,
      And maybe Doug seems a bit too cool,
      to hang out, with Kirk Howle,

      But I don’t know what to do with that Matt Ringler,
      and Marc McD

      They’re fighting again.

  2. I’m Canadian, so I can see why you would forget and place me somewhere over in Europe. Herbert was driving a large, older model sedan. You can tell that to the RCMP if my body ever turns up in a ditch somewhere.

    Can’t wait to here you guys talk about Godzilla’s annoying son!

  3. Dear Doug, thank you for this episode. I have no idea why, but every part of this movie makes me happy in a way that heroin no longer can. I try to explain it to friends and when I say “rockabilly musical,” they look at me like I’m stupid. I wish I had a podcast so I could just force them to see it.

    Then I’d dance in their ashes. It’s the only way.

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