Treatment 148 – Re-Animator

ReAnimatorAll we can really and truly say, for this our final Schlocktober film is that you asked for it!!!


Some would call it a modern classic. Some would say it’s a pillar of the horror community. Some would call it sheer genius. Still others, apparently, would not. Prepare yourself for some inane bickering of the highest order!

GAPE… as Matt and Marc commence what will surely be a legendary argument in the annals of Schlock Treatment!!!

GASP… for breath as it lasts endlessly, despite Doug‘s best efforts to move things along!!!

CRY OUT… for mercy when Kirk joins the fray for a few heroic seconds but must immediately back away from the searing heat of THE POINTLESS ARGUMENT!!!

As always, you can find Re-Animator on Netflix Instant. Feel free to watch it, if you haven’t already, and then head to the comments section below, where there will no doubt be some lively side-taking! Or, just head to iTunes and write us a review! We love them!!!

Next Week: We start November as “Thanks but No Thanks” month! Each Schlock Jock will be allowed to choose one film to torture the others with, for which they will have NO VETO POWER!!! First in line is Doug, who chose The American Astronaut!

28 thoughts on “Treatment 148 – Re-Animator”

  1. Hey, Dr. West might be a murderer and a sociopath, but he’s a damn fine doctor. Okay so the only medicine he practices is injecting green glow into dead bodies to create bloodthirsty zombies who may or may not be bent on world domination, but he’s the best at what he does.

  2. I think Herbert West is a “hero” like in a way when people want Jason or Freddie to kill an annoying teen.

  3. I was listening to this episode while taking my walk after voting in the municipal by-election. As I was walking down an alley, this older guy with a mustache drove up slowly and rolled down his window. “Are you listening to music or jokes?” he asked. “A podcast,” I replied, “like a talk show.” “Ah, I saw you walking down the other road laughing. Sometimes people forget about those things,” he said, gesturing to the earbuds I held in my hand, “and think that you’re a nutcase. Where do you live?” I told him the street name and that I was just out for a walk. “Oh, good for you,” he said, “you don’t want to end up like me. I used to be in shape. Then I started smoking. Got off that and worked for the rest of my life. Went on vaction in ’65 for a year. Came back home and I couldn’t walk.” We bade each other farewell, and he drove off down the alley. I’ll probably never see him again.

    And that’s why I listen to Schlock Treatment.

  4. I was rooting for Herbert West. Always found him likeable, despite the murder/murders. Here’s a bit of trivia for you: David Gale’s (Dr Hill) wife left him after seeing the “head giving head” scene.

  5. As regards the argument in this episode I’m with Team Doug…

    Matt I’d be cautious if you’re ever around Marc after a podcast and there’s a shovel within his reach

      1. How is Marc a murderer, Doug? He only murdered one person. And it was because that guy threatened his life’s work. Shit. It’s me. He’s totally going to murder me.

  6. Funniest part of the show:

    MARC: He’s almost… naive.
    MARC: My point is he was too laser-focused…
    MARC: I can’t say a goddamned word without you trying to pick it out.
    MATT: PICK IT OUT??????

  7. This episode made actually made me rewatch the film. I initially agreed with Marc when listening to the show, having only seen the film once (with Doug, actually, if I remember correctly), but for the first half of my second viewing, I started to think that Matt may be right.

    Yet, as the film goes on, Dr. Hill and Dr. West pull a bit of a Bret Hart/Steve Austin double turn. When they are in the morgue looking for a fresh body, I found myself believing that West, although a weird, creepy dude, may not have actually killed Dr. Gruber or the cat, which I’m sure is written that way intentionally as his dialogue because a bit more personable, and his mannerisms are slightly less cold and mechanical.

    At the same time, Dr. Hill gets more menacing and lecherous, but before he has the chance to do anything epically villainous in his first life (like kill someone or attack Megan), it’s taken away from him by West. The not-quite-a-hero kills the not-quite-a-villain a half-hour before the end of the film, which is pretty unique (just another reason I think this film stands out in its genre).

    If you were just to watch the last half hour, the heroes vs villains plot would seem pretty black and white as Dan and West save Megan from the murderous Hill, but the reality is that it’s all pretty muddled. Even Dan, who seems to be the squeakiest clean character (besides Megan) has his morals twisted in the end, and when you look back over the film, nothing he’s ever done has actually amounted to anything.

    So, it’s almost impossible to determine who is the hero and the villain of Re-Animator, because everything’s intentionally ambiguous. Depending on which characters are in the character, the “good one” could be anybody.

    Therefore, this movie is awesome.

      1. I think we watched it at Alan’s house as part of a double feature with Humanoids From the Deep, a film about some introverted fish creatures who heroically overcome their crippling shyness and leave their ocean home to try to make friends with some nice girls in a small town, only to be bullied mercilessly by the jealous human males who live there.

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