Treatment 147 – The People Under the Stairs

McGillSchlocktober continues, and in fine horror film tradition we decide to split up! Yeah, Matt unexpectedly couldn’t make it for this week’s recording, but don’t worry, because we still manage to have a 20 minute mail segment. Except this time, we’re generally nice to the people who write in. Funny, that.

The People Under the Stairs

This week’s movie is widely considered to be part of the “urban horror” genre, because it has some black characters in it! One of those characters is played by the amazing Ving Rhames, but it also has…that guy! Also, be sure not to miss Everett McGill in a gimp suit!

THRILL… as Doug makes a Snackwells Cookie joke, and it breaks Marc up!!!!

SCREAM… in terror, as Kirk get’s a lot of rather positive feedback and does a Matt impression!!!

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… when Marc compares the movie to the TV show Webster!!!

As usual, find the movie on Netflix Instant. We make a point of watching movies that you, the listener, can easily find and watch! Also, if you can, please find us in iTunes and write us a review! Thanks to the folks who wrote new reviews recently, we read them in the mail segment on this very episode. Also, if you’re a stitcher user, please favorite us!

Next Week: It’s the ultimate Schlocktober film from our poll! The winner by a landslide was Re-Animator!!! Yes, we are looking forward to it, so stay tuned!

22 thoughts on “Treatment 147 – The People Under the Stairs”

  1. The schlock jocks really judge people’s grammar. Sorry guys I went to school for medicine, I didn’t major in foofy liberal arts like you guys.

  2. I was wondering where I knew Bill Cobbs from, and I wanted it to be some good movie so I could feel smug, but then I looked at his imdb page and it turns out I know him from the shitty Matthew Perry show Go On and a Heineken commercial where he tells a guy to listen to Peter Cetera (in order to get chicks). And Air Bud, because of fucking course he was in Air Bud. Shit.

    Oh well, at least he’s known among Equalizer fans.

  3. Congrats gentlemen – a great episode. Was it the quality of the movie, the absence of Matt or the fact that Marc finally got to exercise his singing pipes to their full glorious extent? I’m not sure but I am sure it wasn’t the image of you four checking into the Butts Motel…

  4. I’ve noticed that in movies and video games, it’s perfectly acceptable to murder and mutilate people horribly, commit terrorist acts and hire hookers. But you kick one dog, and you’re the freaking devil.

    My guess for next week’s big announcement is that you’ll be having a contest for one of your listeners to win a trip to New York and attend a recording of the Schlock Treatment podcast as a member of the live studio audience. Also that you’re adding a live studio audience.

  5. “As productive as a well-hocked loogie”
    – Marc McDonald
    This simile should be in Bartlett’s Quotations.

    Haven’t listened for awhile due to work beating me like a baby harp seal, but I’m back and glad for the laughs.

    Question: If you 4 were the Beatles, aside from Matt being Ringo, who would everyone else be?

    1. I bet you thought you’d get a reaction out of me, claiming that I am John or George or Paul but you’d be wrong. I am Ringo. I will live forever with my off-beat side projects and wild sense of style and while everyone may wish I was the first to go, they will all have to deal with me ad infinutum. DEATH TO KIRK, MARC, AND DOUG LIKE THE REST OF THE BEATLES!!

  6. During the scintillating discussion of baggies Kirk makes a statement ‘what do you do when you want to make fake vaginas in your couch’ — I’m not sure if it reveals too much about him or does he know/think Marc makes fake vaginas?

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