Treatment 146 – Dreamscape

DreamscapeIt’s week two of Schlocktober, and as we work our way down the listener’s poll, we get closer and closer to giving you the listener exactly what you want the most. I mean, Re-Animator, you sick-o!

Anyhoo, before we can get to the number one pick, we get to work through the other titles, and that means this week is time for the number 3 choice!!


Dennis Quaid stars in this film that causes lots of controversy amongst the guys this week! Seriously, there is arguing galore! Well…there’s mostly arguing between Marc and Matt, but you get the idea.

DRIFT OFF TO SLEEP… when the mail segment devolves into a 30 minute side-track about iTunes and Orville Redenbacher!!!

SHIFT UNEASILY… when Marc complains about Donald Pleasance not being in this film, and this makes Matt rather angry!!!

AWAKE SCREAMING… when Doug and Matt take a stand against this film, calling it “not horror,” Marc argues that he was scared, and Kirk tells everyone about his insect nightmares!!!

You can find all of the Schlocktober films on Netflix Instant, for now! So, head over there to see them all! Also, I almost don’t dare to mention iTunes after this week’s episode. But, you get the idea. If you’re into Stitcher, we also appreciate people boosting our ranking there by favoriting us and giving us thumbs up!

Next Week: The Poll’s second runner up is next, with The People Under the Stairs!!!


16 thoughts on “Treatment 146 – Dreamscape”

    1. Write as long as you like….we’ve decided to do a 100% mailbag podcast called The Black Hole. We’ll end each episode with a short 5 minute segment called “the movie review bag” where we quickly give our thoughts on a random film.

  1. In 2007 I saw These Arms are Snakes and Laura (Australian band) support Isis at Fowlers Live in Adelaide. The singer was clearly drunk. Isis were good. One member of Laura plays the Cello. Thus ends my story prompted by Kirk’s random tangent.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode, especially the parts about Billy Ocean and where Matt searched the Internet. Fingers crossed for a future rendition of “Caribbean Queen.”

  3. Also as someone who saw Dreamscape at a very young age, Snake Man is the most terrifying thing in the entire fucking world.

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