Treatment 145 – Piranha ’78

PiranhaActionHooray! It’s SCHLOCKTOBER!!!

And, as is our tradition, we watch a slew of awful horror films that you, the listener, selected in our Schlocktober Poll! And who could possibly not be excited, happy, and looking forward to such a fun thing?!? Well, Matt, of course. But who besides Matt? Nobody! So without further ado, your fourth place film from the poll!

Piranha ’78

Yes, it’s yet another killer animal film from the seventies!! Man, did they have issues with nature back then, or what?!? Anyway, this one’s all about killer fish, and features lots of people making very stupid decisions. Also, some occasional boobs, and some occasional fish making “nom nom” noises as they devour people.

DIVE… into an amazing mailbag segment that’s full of people talking all about Creep Van, for some weird reason!!!

WADE… right off the deep end, when the guys discuss how to kill fish, and Doug consults General Electric!!!

SINK… your teeth into yet another episode where Matt criticises Kirk, Marc criticizes Matt, and Kirk consults “Genital Electric!!!”

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Next Week: We head into week 2 of Schlocktober, and the 3rd place winner, Dreamscape!

24 thoughts on “Treatment 145 – Piranha ’78”

  1. So if I listen to your podcast like I used to, but through the iTunes store, you guys get credit? I want to make sure I do it right I guess.

    1. Don’t know what “credit” means. Basically, the vast majority of podcast listeners find their content through iTunes, and the more people subscribe and rate us there the better chance of us being listed as a top podcast. And that means more exposure, and more listeners. That’s all.

      If it’s easier for you to listen via the website, that’s fine.

  2. You can actually go swimming with piranha and they won’t attack you unless you’re swimming with an open wound. Blood seems to agitiate them….

    Also, Dick Miller is one of those guys who always shows up in the strangest places when I don’t expect him. He was in an episode of Police Squad and must be in at least 75% of the movies Roger Corman ever produced.

  3. “Piranha” = Mutated killer + John Sayles script + faceless entity responsible for the mutation (ie, the government) = “Alligator” with fish

    1. I watched some YouTube interviews featuring David X. Cohen today. It was like looking into a painfully nerdy mirror. So thanks for that, Murdock.

  4. I know you guys like your comments short and snappy, like a pissed off Chihuahua, so here: I think you guys are the most consistently funny podcast on bad movies around. You’re at your best when you slip into a four-way stream-of-pop-culture-consciousness free-for-all. Hm, that’s not really short or snappy. Oh, well, something for Matt to bitch about. Rave rant and rock on!

  5. When Matt mentioned “Donkey Jaws,” I laughed so hard that I almost had an accident, like that time I was at a urinal in a movie theater bathroom and farted suddenly and shot a turd out of my ass down to the floor behind me. I just left it there. True story.

      1. Loose-fitting cargo shorts. I had a belt on, so I guess the weight of the belt causes the shorts to hang slightly lower as I urinated…

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