Treatment 144 – The Mighty Peking Man

MIGHTYPEKINGMANAnd so-called “Simian-tember” ends with a wimper and not a bang. That wimper being a guy in an ape suit, stomping a bunch of cardboard models of Hong Kong.

The Mighty Peking Man

Yep, it’s a giant ape movie that came just one year after the King Kong flick we just covered a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure that’s a total coincidence, and not a cheesy ripoff from the creative geniuses over at Shaw Brothers! Don’t let it’s temporal placement fool you, though, because this version is double the fun, triple the sexiness, and quintuple the action of it’s American counterpart!

STOMP… your way through the mail-bag segment, where Kirk screws up the mailbag with his usual panache!!!

SWING… on a vine of joy, as Marc is out-nerded by Matt, and manages to erroneously declare Matt’s syllogism to be unsound!!!

FALL… to a gentle death from a hundred-story building, when Doug returns to the show and has the manliest voice-cracking episode ever!!!

You can watch The Mighty Peking Man on Netflix, and if you’re a fan of Godzilla or King Kong, it’s worth a watch. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the show, maybe even SUBSCRIBE…instead of listening to the show from this website?!? I dunno…seems simple enough. DO IT! If you’re anti-iTunes, then head to Stitcher, and add us to your favorites!!

Next Week: SCHLOCKTOBER ’13 makes it’s amazing debut!! We kick the month off with the first of the films that won the Schlocktober Poll, Piranha!!!

15 thoughts on “Treatment 144 – The Mighty Peking Man”

  1. Creep Van is streaming! CONSPIRACY! Doug must be in league with James Spader to deny the American public Creep Van.

    And since I’m trying to court the creepy speedo-wearing vote, also do Axe Giant: The Legend Of Paul Bunyan. It stars Joe Estevez and Grizzly Adams.

      1. You guys shouldn’t actually watch Creep Van, it’s a piece of shit (and not in a good way). I just felt like being antagonistic. Matt makes it sound so fun.

  2. Ken Oath Australians play Cricket. Now that the footy season is over we need somewhere else to sink piss with mates and fuckin’ king hit blokes who try to pull a root with your sheila. Australians also used produce the best Cricketers, Boony is a dead set legend for his tinny drinking record. Today’s mob are pissweak though.

    Also, Kirk said it right.

  3. I’m going to break with the trend here and actually talk about the movie. This movie seems very atypical for a Shaw Brothers flick, maybe because it was so obviously meant to cash in on King Kong 76. It’s probably one of the more ridiculous Shaw Brothers movies I’ve seen, and that’s saying something. Also, in the undubbed, subtitled version (which I have), it says the lead character’s girlfriend “dumped him”.

    Now, the whining–Oh, well. House didn’t win. Guess my story goes back in the vault. Shame, too. It involves the words “linseed oil”. I’m lying. No, it didn’t.

  4. I’m with Matt – always listen on the website as part of my Sunday mornings. While others go to Church I worship at the mausoleum of Kirk’s puns. Going to Itunes would only make me feel dirty (and not in a good way)

    Looking forward to Howling III

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