Treatment 143 – Project X

ProjectXSo-called “simiantember” continues, with yet another “monkey” movie. Let’s face it, folks, we didn’t think this one through. We’re only on the 3rd of 4 monkey flicks, and we’re scraping bottom in a big way. To add to the pain, we were Doug-less this week. We apologize in advance.

Project X

This is a sappy sort of feel-good flick from the 80s, that features Matthew Broderick, Helen Hunt, and a bunch of chimpanzees tugging at heartstrings. William Sadler also stars, as the jerk. It’s a hard movie to really talk about, because aside from some really unlikely plot points, it’s not really very amusing.

FLY… to the heights of weirdness, when Kirk reveals the incredibly strange additional dialogue that he’s written for the film!!!

SOAR… on wings of WTF, when Matt begins ducking under the table to do “boner checks!!!”

CRASH… and burn, when Marc tries another snappy comeback but comes up short as usual!!!

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Next Week: Ape Month comes to a close (phew!) when we head to Hong Kong for The Mighty Peking Man!!!

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19 thoughts on “Treatment 143 – Project X”

  1. Kirk needs to play a villain in a horror movie where he goes around talking to people until they become brain dead. You’ll Howle with terror! And laughter! But mostly terror!

  2. Is it just me, or is the podcast no longer showing up on the website?

    Also Creep Van in 2013!!! How can you see the title Creep Van and not want to watch it?

    1. Hey, Giant Bugs is right! Where did the streaming podcast thingydoo go? This looks like a job for Marc McD, website wizard. I don’t understand this Internet voodoo.

    2. Yes, you’re right. I had installed a new SEO plugin that apparently screwed up the blubrry plugin. I’ve deactivated it, and all is working now.

      Sorry for the slow response!

      -Marc (a.k.a. Website Wizard)

  3. Marc is too busy partying it up at the After Movie Diner.

    I’m going to make a confession here and I don’t want it thrown in my face later on but I’m a man who speaks his truth, even if it is nobody else’s. Marc McD is a lot of fun to hang out with. There. Its out in the open.

        1. Well, he seemed reluctant to say anything nice, so I have him an out. Thought it was the nice thing to do. Leave it to Doug to see the worst in everything I do…sheesh!

  4. “Who bets on a single basket?”

    Spot-fixing is actually a huge problem in world spot. in 2011 3 Pakistani cricketers were sent to jail in Britain for being paid to ensure that certain deliveries they bowled were illegal. Rigged matches can be obvious, but say if you are a pitcher for a baseball team and get paid off by a bookie to make sure the second pitch is a ball, who can tell if you did it on purpose or not?

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