Treatment 142 – King Kong (’76)


You know, once in a while you need a little break. And this break seems to have done us well, because we’re back with a vengeance in this latest episode!

King Kong (’76)

Yes, our “Simiantember” all-monkey/ape themed month continues with us wondering what the hell we were thinking! Of course, we couldn’t pay homage to apes without talking about the king of them all, and the giant gorilla makes his Schlock Treatment debut with the 1976 version. Of course, we had to choose the decade that would bring us Jeff Bridges in flared jeans, and Jessica Lange in men’s clothing!

THRILL… as the guys start the episode with a rollicking mailbag segment…for a change!!!

GASP… as Kirk is fixated on miners, and brings them up constantly!!!

WONDER… as Doug and Marc bicker over the Uni-bomber, and Matt tries to break it up!!!

The movie is always available streaming on Netflix, as is our wont. In fact, we go out of our way to find stuff that you can easily watch yourself, so DO IT!!! Also, please head over to iTunes and write us a review or subscribe to the podcast! If you’re anti-apple, you can also find us on Stitcher!

Next Week: We continue Monkey Month with another member of the ape family. It’s Project X, starring Helen Hunt, some dorky looking ape…and a chimpanzee!!

25 thoughts on “Treatment 142 – King Kong (’76)”

  1. You should cancel Schlocktober and do Mathrocktober instead. Each week cover the best Mathrock episodes. My favourite is part 3 of the “Sword of Randy Quaid” arc where he gets trapped in a mine on his way to a sandwich festival.

    1. You should also do Ken Burns’ “The Civil War”. Not the entire series obviously, just the most outrageously schlocky episodes.

      1. I think I detected some animosity from Matt toward Kirk jokes. That’s OK, I’ll ignore that comment and let it roll off me like water off a dick’s back.

  2. I disagree with the dark conspiracy that claim that the previous show was the sexiest show ever. First up, that was the old man penis episode. Second, this episode is now the sexiest ever. When I heard about Ray Liotta’s or whoever it was’ s shlong causing mustache deaths, I literally burst into flames.

    If it isn’t too late to nominate schlocktober films, I suggest Frankenberry: The Curse of Cpunt Chocula.

  3. The 70s King Kong is a great flick, way better than that bloated 3 hour remake by Peter Jackoffson.

    Trivia: King Kong’s vocal sounds were recorded by an uncredited Peter Cullen, straining his throat so badly that he coughed up blood in the recording studio. Poor Optimus Prime…

  4. The man in the Kong suit was none other than make-up artist Rick Baker, who would go on to win 9 Academy Awards.
    He actually missed out on most of the work on the Star Wars cantina scene due to his involvement with Kong.

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