Kirk Does a Thing.

Kirk Does a Thing

So, Kirk recently made a cartoon and put it on YouTube. Since there is no podcast this week, please allow episode 1 of “Jawntown” to work its placebo effect on you until the next terrible movie treatment can be administered.


Dr. Kirk

(not a real doctor)

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    1. Excellent question, Toby. Only the end credits were rotoscoped. It’s actually a very simple process: We dressed people up in orange outfits and told them to bend their bodies into the shapes of letters. Then we filmed it on black and white film. Then we developed the film. Then we photographically flipped the image so it became like a mirror image of what was on the film. Then we made enlarged photocopies of each frame of the film. Then we put tracing paper over the photocopies and traced the people so that they no longer looked like people, but like computer generated fonts! Then we transferred the ink from the tracing paper onto clear acetate, which reversed the image back to the original way it was facing. Then we painted each acetate cell, filling in the insides of the letters with orange paint. Then we waited for the paint to dry. Then we scanned the acetate pages and imported them into the computer where we used Photoshop to painstakingly cut out each letter and place it into its proper location in Flash where it could be animated. It only took a team of 500 people 65 days to complete the end credits! But they were unpaid interns so we didn’t give them any credit in the end credit sequence which they themselves were animating. Several interns died during the process. But I think we can all agree it was worth it because when those end credits come up it’s like, “Wow!”

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