Treatment 140 – Street Fighter

streetfighterWe’re back, and Doug returns from his mini hiatus! Um…but Matt disappears into the void instead! It’s like some kind of weird curse! We cannot be whole again! Oh the horror! Oh the humanity! Oh….whatever.

Street Fighter

This week’s movie is a classic of bad cinema! In a genre where almost NO movies are good (movies based on video games), we manage to find the one with a reputation for being bad! And boy does it deliver! It has JCVD, it has Kylie Minogue, and it has Raul Julia in what might be the saddest final film of all time.

HELICOPTER KICK… off your shoes and settle in as we argue the finer points of how to accurately portray a dumb video game!!!

HADOKEN… your cares away, when Kirk does his amazing Christopher Lambert impression….for some reason!!!

HUNDRED HAND SLAP…yourself to make sure you aren’t dreaming, when Marc and Doug discuss blowing their own vocal cords!!!

The movie is streaming on Netflix Instant, so you can find it there if you feel like hating yourself. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and drop us a review or subscribe to the show! You can also find us on Stitcher, if you use their service.

Next Week: We’re going back, back, back to before Tim Burton existed, and watching the original Planet of the Apes!!!

9 thoughts on “Treatment 140 – Street Fighter”

  1. Matt sounded different this episode, huh… Anyway the best thing to come out of this mess was Street Fighter: The movie, the game. It was a far better way to spend a handful of quarters at least.

  2. Raul Julia is spectacular in this movie. It’s a shame he died before it was released, I’d have loved to have heard his retrospective thoughts on it.

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