Treatment 139 – Spitfire

ThomersonSometimes things just won’t settle down and get back to normal. Yep, we are Doug-less for the second week in a row, but still we struggle on! This week we find a very weird schlock entry to help us cope.


Hey, it has Tim Thomerson and Sarah Douglas in it! How bad could it be, right? Well, in actual fact, it could be very bad. It could be flipping gymnastics move to dodge a bullet bad! It could also be Lance Henricksen as a suave, womanizing spy bad! It could also be hire gymnasts to do their own acting bad! It’s bad, is all we’re saying. But fun!

TUMBLE… for Kirk, as he yet again shares the art of the “Kirk Joke,” and reveals a penchant for “Poobs!!”

FLIP… when Matt describes the delicate art of “dipping” things in “camelflage!!!”

GYMKATA… or something… as Marc reveals the name of his uncle’s dog!!

Find this week’s movie on Netflix Instant, if you’re interested. Also, be sure to head over to iTunes and write us a review! We always read new reviews on the show, though, so prepare for the humiliation. Also, if you’re a Stitcher user, please add us to your favorites!

Next week: We stick with the action genre a bit longer, but toss in a little video game awfulness when we watch Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia in Street Fighter!!

9 thoughts on “Treatment 139 – Spitfire”

  1. FUN FACT: The correct spelling of Lance Henriksen’s name is “Lance Henriksen.” But they spelled it wrong in the end credits of this movie, and it has also been spelled wrong in other places as well (hint: look up).

    1. FUN FACT: Sting and The Police have been to the Moon. Nothing else can explain their intricate knowledge about traversing its surface.

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