Treatment 138 – Vibrations

VibrationsHoo-boy! This one was a tough one in many ways, folks!

First, we are Doug-less, so there’s that. Second, we can’t seem to get our crap together during the show opening. Third, there are myriad audio problems with this week’s episode (thanks partly to our lack of enough microphones and partly to a shitty youtube trailer). And fourth, I bungled the name of the show that our awesome special guests Jim VanBlaricum and Jim Crocamo do, which is of course called the Crappy Cinema Council!! The good news is that they’re here to keep things interesting, and they chose a truly epic film for this week’s episode!


This one stars Christina Applegate and James Marshall, and features insane assaults with construction equipment, a guy becoming a hardcore bum for seemingly no reason, a woman who takes a lot of risks for her personal safety, and a pair of really unlikely cybernetic hands!

DROP THE BEAT… as Jim and Jim discuss the finer points of spelling their names, and the weird world of Jm J. Bullock!!!

END UP ON THE SKIDS… when Kirk and Matt try, unsuccessfully, to read the mail with any semblance of dignity!!!

GEEK OUT… when Marc compares Matt to a character in the movie, and Matt retaliates!!!

You can find Vibrations on Netflix Instant, if you’re so inclined. In the mean time, please head over to iTunes and subscribe to the show! We have more goodness coming up next week, and in the weeks to come! Also, if you’re a Stitcher user, we appreciate people adding us to their favorites!

Next Week: Spitfire, with Lance Henrickson!!

11 thoughts on “Treatment 138 – Vibrations”

  1. I didn’t mean that the shows SUCKED if you don’t have the nostalgia for them (although GI Joe does)’, I just meant that I don’t find them as interesting as the regualr fare of Schlock movies.

    Whenever I hear someone mention Chirstina Applegate’s name, I get really hungry for apples.

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