Treatment 137 – The Ultimate Weapon (starring Hulk Hogan)

ASingleUnitAfter a couple of weeks doing TV, we dive headlong back into the best of the worst films, and find ourselves wading deep into Hulk Hogan territory! Do we love it? Do we hate it? Can we even pick a side? Find out this week!

The Ultimate Weapon

Hulk Hogan stars as a mercenary with a troubled home life, and a passionless delivery style. Soon his dysfunctional family (and his CPA sidekick) find themselves embroiled in a really weird and confusing plot with the IRA. That’s the Irish Republican Army, not an Individual Retirement Account (we made the same mistake).

CRY OUT, BROTHER… as Matt shows up late, but makes a hell of an entrance!!!

FEEL THE HEAT, DUDE… as Doug drops some mad Popeye impressions, and imagines a conversation between Hulk Hogan and Jesse Ventura!!!

SAY YOUR PRAYERS, BROTHER… when Kirk coins the term “bomb gun” and takes on the “bouncing betty!!!”

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21 thoughts on “Treatment 137 – The Ultimate Weapon (starring Hulk Hogan)”


    I could say a bunch of dumb things, but I think this song speaks for itself. Not even that sex tape is as painfully awkward as Hulk Hogan singing about a dead kid (the song is on Hulk’s bands’ only cd, in between the songs “Hulk’s the One” and “Hulk Rules,” so in the context of the cd, it has to be even weirder).

    1. “When the Hulkster comes to heaven, we’ll tag up again?!?!?!” Did I really hear that right?

      Giantbugs; consider yourself banned! Go now! How dare you pollute our minds with this drivel!!

      1. Are you insinuating that Hulk Hogan made an album for the express purpose of telling a dead kid in Heaven that when Hogan died, they would tag-team a dead lady to make up for all that depressing cancer?

  2. Undercover punk rock Tom Hanks from Dragnet vs. Undercover punk rock Steve Guttenberg from Police Academy 2. Super Posedown!

  3. If any of you were paying attention, I managed to turn Jeff Buckley’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah into Homeward Bound by Simon and Garfunkel. This is how no i’s(e) rolls.

  4. I must admit I’m somewhat glad Summer Reruns are over. As a 20 year old who has only seen 2 episodes of the A-Team (one with Hulk Hogan, one with the Aztec from Puma Man) and some snippets of GI Joe, there is no real nostalgia factor for me. Which isn’t really an excuse, considering I have Blu-Ray copies of movies from 1931 and love old stuff in general, but whatever.

    Also, as a rather enthusiastic wrestling fan, I am ashamed to admit that I had never heard of this Hulk Hogan movie. I do have No Holds Barred on DVD though, so that should make up for it. It’s interesting that he’s advertised as Terry “The Hulk” Hogan in the trailer, since this movie was made when he was the heel “Hollywood Hulk” Hogan in the NWO.

    You guys should consider doing one of John Cena’s movies too, I’m sure some of them are streaming.

      1. I spent a lot of my early childhood hanging out with my cousin who is six years older than me, so some of my earliest memories are of Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles and ’90’s WWF. Other than that I’m pretty much a conniseur of the ages. I listen to lots of podcasts, read a lot of books, and pick up a lot of the references that way.

        I’ll read pulp fiction from the ’30’s then watch a Fast and Furious movie. It’s not as weird as you might think. I have friends in university who are into Beowulf and Star Trek and Vincent Price movies.

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