Treatment 135 – Jem & GI Joe


Our summer of television, that we’re calling Summer Reruns, continues! We did sci-fi, we did action, so now we’re remembering two after school classics!

Jem & GI Joe!!!

Both of these were requested, and both are amazing in their own special way. Of course, I can’t really talk much about it, since I ended up not watching these in time for the show. In the words of Rick Perry: “Oops.”

THRILL… as we reveal the utter slackitude of one of the guys (it’s Marc)!!!

GASP… as Matt reveals his confusion about the difference between a boat and a car!!!

WONDER… at the continued adventures of the Cool Sandwich Bros and the Pink Ladies to their T-Birds, the Hot Pizza Sluts!!!

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Next Week: Summer Reruns come to a resounding close, with a return to Kolchak:The Night Stalker (Episode “Mr. R.I.N.G.) and a very special visit to The Rockford Files (Episode “The Hammer of C Block”)!!!


31 thoughts on “Treatment 135 – Jem & GI Joe”

  1. I was really hurt you guys were curious what everyone else looked like on Twitter but not me, I’m your first fan! …hey! Why are the comments black text on a gray background now? (Guess Matt was right)

      1. Are you kidding me?!? We all know what you look like. We all know what you look like wearing panties that have Doug’s face on them. You take more selfies than a 14 year old girl at an Instagram clinic. You’re the naughtiest nurse at the loony bin and everyknows that mug of yours, Ron Lovitz.

  2. Great podcast! You made some really good picks for each series. I agree about the Jem theme, the original is the best. Techrat’s voice does sound just like Cobra Commander. Shipwreck is for sure the funniest G.I. Joe character, he’s featured in the G.I. Joe Christmas episode, which is also worth checking out. I watched the Cold Slither episode after this and that was crazy fun too.

  3. Since I talked about this week’s show last week, allow me to make a reference to last week’s show this week. I think the Hot Pizza Sluts should battle the Horta.

  4. I honestly thought that this was your best show yet. My previous favorite was “Cobra”, which included the part where one of the Cool Sandwich Bros (it may have been Marc) actually left the room to use the restroom in the middle of the show and for some reason this was not edited down in post. It is that kind of attention to detail that brings me back here again and again.

    But seriously, I know it wasn’t planned but the whole schtick of “Marc didn’t watch these two cartoon shows so we are now going to spend an hour attempting to explain these BONKERS plots to him” worked really, really well. Most of the time when I make the mistake of going back to watch something cartoon-based from my childhood*, my reaction is “what the hell did I just watch!?”. This show, I think, caught that feeling as well as I’ve heard it get caught.

    Note: if you do this in the future, you can’t have Kirk be the guy who didn’t watch it because nobody else on the show will care. Sorry, Kirk. And you can’t have Matt be the one who doesn’t watch because personally I just assume that Matt didn’t watch the show in the first place.

    Note to the note: Matt’s new character of “Guy who can’t tell the difference between a car and a boat” is his best character since Ron Lovitz.

    *Basically anything but The Gargoyles and The Tick is a bad idea. And in fairness, neither of those shows were exactly from my childhood.

    1. Et tu, Johnny Slick? I guess your feud with Matt finally settled down so now, like Freddy Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street Part IV, you’re looking for fresh meat. Now I am laughing, imagining a man with the body of Grimace covered in horrible burn scars. Yes, laughing like a classical-music-composing lunatic, sitting here in my underwear (flaps in the open position), covered in the fluffy-wuffy kittens who love me. That is how much I care about how nobody would care if I didn’t care enough to watch the shows/movies we cover on Schlock Treatmentmnt. Now get out of my dreams and out of my car (boat/vehicle).

      1. Hey, I like you just fine, Kirk. I just mean that the rest of the podcast hates you. Let us stand united in our hatednessby of the evil Ringler! Also, you have properly unmasked my true identity, which is Billy Ocean and now I must go back into witness protection. Gee, thanks. I kind of liked not being shot at by the mob but I guess being shot at by the mob is okay, too. Jerk.

        Oh, my bad. This is obviously Girl Kirk Howle hacking into Boy Kirk Howle’s account. You are freakish and not in that cool, Rick James way, ma’am. Have you met our friend RJNC?

        1. Hard as I try, I just can’t hate the Ringler. His pose-off science is too tight! He earns my begrudging respect. Also, since you’ve revealed that I am actually Girl Kirk hacked into Man Kirk’s account, I will admit that I swoon a little whenever I catch a glimpse of Ringler’s swarthy good looks. HOT PIZZA SLUTS RULE!

    1. I’m onto you, Girl Troll. Like most middle-aged men claiming to be girls on the Internet, you’re not really a girl at all. You only want Matt and me to do a Super Posedown so you can get your not-so-super hose up. Well, it just so happens the other day I was talking to Matt about how jacked he is looking these days. These are the types of hot podcaster-on-podcaster conversations that go on behind the scenes when the tape ain’t rollin’ at Schlock Industries. OK, so maybe we WILL do a Super Posedown. But it WON’T be because you requested it. Instead, if it does happen it will be because Matt and I are two Nike-swoosh-dick-havin’ narcissists. Now get out of my dreams and get out of my K.I.T.T. (K.A.R.R.)

  5. These TV-based episodes are really broadening my mental horizons. I thought the MacGyver episode about the ants was pretty surreal but that didn’t prepare me for the image of a giant Abraham Lincoln/Uncle Sam figure striding across the ruins of London with an eagle flapping its wings on his shoulder. I now see that every time I close my eyes. Thank you for opening my doors of perception. I’m glad you mentioned the bit in that GI Joe episode where a bunch of orphans appear for a split-second on the edge of the screen, accompanied by a weird sound effect: I thought I’d hallucinated that.
    PS I’m really enjoying the “channel-hopping” introductions to these episodes. There was a particularly great one that included a clip of Bill Cosby doing a cola commercial. Did you make those yourselves, or did you find a bunch of original cassette recordings of some guy channel-surfing in the 80s?

    1. Thanks! The channel surf segments are from YouTube videos of 80s commercials and some selective/creative editing. The commercials are mostly filler to get us to the TV promo for whatever we’re covering. But a few of them I see and decide to keep in…like Bill Cosby.

  6. Wow, Aggressive Commenter Kirk might be my new favorite character! He’s stuck on p. 40. I wouldn’t make him angry.

    1. Way to copy Marc’s response almost verbatim, except for the page 40 comment which was an improvement. But what you don’t seem to understand is, I’m not stuck on page 40. PAGE 40 IS STUCK ON ME!

  7. If you ever do TV shows again, please do Kojak. Since almost all of the episodes are set in 70’s New York, I’d love to hear Matt talk about the locations of the scenes. Like: “there’s a great pizza place right around the corner from where they shot that scene.” Oh, and I’d like to place my Cool Sandwich Bros order. I’ll take a grilled chicken sandwich, like they make them in Cleveland, with the coleslaw and fries on the sandwich. Finally, you guy got me hooked on MacGyver, thanks…

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