Treatment 133 – The A-Team/Knight Rider

*Epic SUMMER RERUNS Collage by Kirk “Howwwwwld-is-he” Howle!!

It’s July, which means it’s weird theme time! And, seeing as we couldn’t possibly come up with anything as odd as InZANE JULYlum, we decided instead to shoot for something awesome! So, what’s more awesome and schlocktastic than SUMMER RERUNS from all your old TV favorites!?!? And we’re starting off with an 80s action BANG!

The A-Team/Knight Rider

Our first SUMMER RERUN installment features an episode from two television classics! Yep, there’s nothing quite like looking back at the shows you idolized as a child and realizing how lame, pandering, stupid, and pathetic they truly were! In fact, we have so much to say, we ramble on for nearly 2 hours in this EPIC installment of Shlock Treatment!

THRILL… as Matt reveals his new character (whose name I already forgot) that can spot the difference between KITT and KARR!!!

GASP… as Doug manages to make Matt’s bit funny, by injecting a little Norm MacDonald!!

WONDER…. at the revealation of the guys’ favorite TV Themes, and be sure to share your own below!

Both The A-Team and Knight Rider are available streaming on Netflix, so feel free to check them out. Also, be sure to watch the episodes Cowboy George, and Trust Doesn’t Rust…as those are the ones we discuss in today’s show. In the mean time, if you like the podcast, please head over to iTunes and write us a review! Tell a friend, if you’re willing to admit it publicly, and remember to subscribe or whatever the kids do these days.

Next Week: SUMMER RERUNS continue, as we head to space to watch Star Trek: TOS (S1 Ep26, The Devil in the Dark) and Battlestar Galactica ’78 (S1 Ep21, Baltar’s Escape)!! Be sure to check the title on Netflix, as there appear to be some discrepancies between IMDB and NETFLIX on the episode numbers.

17 thoughts on “Treatment 133 – The A-Team/Knight Rider”

  1. Regarding the Star Trek Original Series, you guys would have a field day with the third season episode, “Spock’s Brain.”

  2. Look here, you’ve been covering up racism for far too long. If you weren’t all sheeple blinded by the heteroninjative MattRiarchy you’d see that this is how world war 2.5 got started in Emperor Mussolini’s Japan.

    Also remember Mr T vs. NAME_HERE comics. Those were the pinnacle of the internet.

    1. While listening to the first half of your podcast I heard something that I wanted to look up on Wikipedia and so I did. I don’t remember what I was originally looking up but I did find these two nuggets of great information:

      1. Tia Carerra of Wayne’s World fame was on the season finale of the 4th series and was originally going to be in series 5 but she ended up turning them down in favor of General Hospital.

      2. In Latin America, the name for the A-Team was “Los Magnificos”, which might actually be a better name than the A-Team.

      Also, here is my highly researched top 5 TV show theme songs ever:

      5. The Six Million Dollar Man
      4. Knight Rider
      3. The A-Team
      2. S.W.A.T. (a shitty TV show from the 70s but it’s got the funkiest damn theme EVER)
      1. Johnny Quest

      Honorable mention to Cowboy Bebop, which I didn’t include because it would be unfair to include foreign shows.

      The 5 worst:

      5. Anything sung by that jerkface who sang the Full House theme, the Step By Step theme, and like 4,000 other songs.
      4. The theme to Friends, mostly because it got way too played.
      3. The theme to American Idol for the same reason as #4 but with the added “bonus” that it’s a really shitty song.
      2. The theme from “Frazier”, which is pretty much the definition of dad jazz.
      1. M*A*S*H, for reasons strongly correlated to the Destroyer novels, namely that my dad watched re-runs of this stupid damn show all the damn time. This show is the Doors of television. Everything about it sucks. Especially the theme song.

      1. Also, I did not mean to type this as a reply to MoviusC. MoviusC, please do not take my reply as a criticism, direct or indirect, to your post, which was fine in its own unique way.

        1. It is all part of the same conspiracy friend. Think about it. The A-team were well known for their ability to modify vehicles and have you ever seen KITT and the A-team van in the same place at the same time? Probably numerous times, that just shows the extent of the propaganda out there.

          Also Robotech theme all the way. Except for the 2 dozen other tv-show themes I will remember after making this comment.

      2. No kidding about Frasier. “Um, why is the theme song for this show about a radio psychologist just a guy talking about scrambled eggs?”
        “Because I am KELSEY MOTHERFUCKING GRAMMER and I WILL write AND sing the song for my own damn show!”

  3. Great episode! I loved Cowboy George. Re-watching The A-Team was really eye-opening. It was marketed to children (I remember commercials for those action figures), but it had so much consequence-free machine-gun fire! Did they have really bad aim, or really good aim (were they purposely trying to shoot everywhere but directly at the bad guys)? I also have a lot of questions about Murdock and his mental illness, I’m going to have to watch more to try and get to the bottom of that sometime.
    Knight Rider’s opening was the best thing about it. Classic. KITT did come across as a bit of a schoolmarm, in the same vein as C-3PO.
    My fave retro TV theme song is the one for Jem. Truly Outrageous!
    Batman, The Monkees, Doctor Who, Pee-wee’s Playhouse , and Star Trek all have good themes too.
    Also, thanks for the double-dose of young Dirk Benedict this month!

    1. I agree with this sentiment. This was a top-notch Schlock Treatment episode. The fact that you all made the Ringler laugh is saying something, because the Ringler is the Mikey from Life cereal of this podcast. I do have to say though that you guys missed the salient fact that the voice of KITT later went on to be Principal Belding on “Step By Step” or whatever the name of that show with the girl named Topanga was.

      1. Did not. At one point I say that it’s Mr. Feeny’s car, which is his name on Boy Meets World.

        It should be noted that
        a) Guy Who Has Only Ever Heard A Lion In A Cadbury Cream Egg Commercial
        b) Terry Gannesville
        c) Normal McDonald

        are three of the best characters of all time.

        1. They might be 3-5, but Marc’s guy who pronounces Wikipedia weird and the guy who sucks blood but isn’t a vampire are still the best characters on Schlock Treatment.

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