Treatment 132 – Miami Connection

MiamiConnection-JohnI think we’ve been requested to cover a pretty long list of films over the years. And, of course, we thank our listeners for recommendations and suggestions. And sometimes we even end up liking the movies that are recommended to us. I think Lifeforce was an example of this. Anyway, we have another flick this week that was recommended by , I think, several listeners. And so we are covering it, now that it’s available streaming.

Miami Connection

This is a beauty of a film. It has ninjas, motorcycles, rock bands, awful dialogue, unlikely situations, bad costumes, bad fighting, stiff acting, and the list goes on and on! It’s a darling of the bad movie circuit, so it’s a natural fit with Schlock Treatment. Luckily, Matt had a hot date with the Nerd Lunch podcast, so we were prevented from going on and on about the film for 5 hours straight.

ROCK… your world, as Kirk reveals his true feline nature!!!

ROLL… with the punches, as Matt discusses the only part of the movie that he really cares about!!!

KICK ASS… as Doug adds a laugh track to the show, and Marc provides the jokes that are bad enough to need a laugh track!!!

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Next Week: We’re starting a month-long theme for July! It’s Summer Reruns! We’re watching your favorite crappy old TV shows and talking about them all month, so stay tuned!!! Next week it’s The A-Team (season 4, “Cowboy George” episode) and Knight Rider (season 1, “Trust Doesn’t Rust” episode) to start the month off right!

18 thoughts on “Treatment 132 – Miami Connection”

  1. If you guys are back to doing tv shows from long ago, you really have to (eventually) do G.I. Joe: The Movie from 1987. It is the most Ronald Reagan 80s America movie ever made, from the opening sequence (set to a “rock and roll” revamp of the show’s theme song) where G.I. Joe prevents Cobra from blowing up the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July (it ends with the main guy waving a flag on top of the Statue while fireworks go off and the day/America is saved), to the bad guy’s plan of shooting weirdly phallic spores into space to turn everyone into lizards. Also Sgt. Slaughter (in a major role), the voice acting of Don Johnson as lead, Burgess Meredith trying to conquer the world, and Cobra Commander saying “Wassssssssss a mannnnn.” It’s the movie that inspired Transformers to kill Optimus Prime, and then never saw theatrical release because of how poorly that idea panned out.

    And it’s streaming!!! (If random YouTube uploads count)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, gb! (spoiler) We actually have G.I. Joe in our sights for July, but in an attempt to cover as much ground as possible, we’re sticking to less than feature-length stuff so we can cram 2 TV shows into each podcast episode.

    2. Ah yes, also known as the Cobra La movie, it contains Burgess Meredith’s finest acting role as a kind of half worm half man sort of a guy.

        1. It’s weird how enjoyable a movie that is essentially a 90 minute toy commercial can be when it doesn’t star Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans.

  2. Also, if you guys are doing 80’s TV shows, you should do The Secret of My Success. It stars Michael J. Fox, who was once on a TV show.

  3. Two things:

    1. Cajuns are a race of aliens from the planet Zydeco.
    2. Please tell me you’re doing the Punky Brewster refrigerator episode.

  4. Great episode as usual, but I can’t believe you all forgot about the scene where the lead villain hits the local biker bar. That had to be filmed with actual locals at a shady bar where the director knew they could get some free nudity for the movie, because no one in that scene should be topless ever again.

    Also, fun fact. Y.K. Kim (Mark) directed produced and wrote Miami Connection as well as starring in it, and I think it shows because with few exceptions he is the most out of place and awkward actor in the entire film.

        1. Well damn. I missed it and stand corrected, you all and your out of order scene discussions. Although I still stand by my statement that Y. K. Kim as the awkward lead role that’s shoehorned into nearly every scene as being miscast, but hey it’s his movie.

  5. A high quality episode. Some notes:

    1) Every violent act of the movie (aside from the intro,) was a direct result of one old musician losing his gig at a night club.

    2) How did you get through the whole podcast without quoting “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” once.

    3) I loved the soundtrack, which you get with the movie if you buy it from their website. One of my favourite things from the non-dragon sound and non-synth songs by Lloyd Richards is how the lyrics just spell out exactly what has just happened on screen. “Bikers by day, Ninjas by night…” “They’ll steal all your cocaine… along with your life…” “You’re dealing with a TOUGH GUY.”

    4) re: Skrewdriver. They were a nazi punk band in England in the 80s.

    The comparison with Dragon Sound becomes apparent with the song “Against The Ninja”. Their contra-ninja position is obvious and explicit. More disturbing themes emerge when one takes into account the additional pro-Tae Kwon Do position. Tae Kwon Do being a product of the South Korean military and ninja being iconically Japanese. The hostility between Korea and Japan is well known.

    It is important to note at this point that Dragon Sound have NEVER ENCOUNTERED NINJA, the most that has happened is a punch to the jaw by a jealous brother . Yet they feel confident enough in their bigotry to portray ninja (the Japanese) as murderous thugs whose soul reason for living is violence and banditry. Furthermore, they propose mass ethnic cleansing as the ultimate solution to this ninja (Japanese) problem and have the gall to insist that their actions are not violent or hateful, but rather for the good of world peace.

    The comparison to Skrewdriver should be fairly obvious at this point. Such blatant racism has not been seen since Schlock Treatment episode 131!

    5) While on the topic of “Against the Ninja” and Y.K.Kim’s guitar playing technique. Did you notice he doesn’t stop “playing” the guitar at the end of the song when everybody else does.

  6. A-Team / Knight Rider episode recorded. Lots of bits and characters and impressions coming your way for July 4th weekend. We’ll see what makes the final cut. It’s a long one.

  7. All of this banter about magic Cajun-men reminds me of a guy I knew from “Shree-po’t” who was full of stories, like the time he fell asleep with his feet too close to the campfire, and when he woke up the next morning, his toes were stuck together.

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