Treatment 131 – Lone Wolf McQuaid

LoneDwarfMcQuadeMatt ditches us this week, so we’re allowed to cover a classic that he finds pretty unpalatable. We probably would have done it anyway, even if he was with us, but there would have been a lot more complaining than usual (which is saying something). So, sit back and enjoy this week’s show!

Lone Wolf McQuade

Norris is back on the podcast, with a movie that has twice the charm of The Octagon, even though Norris’ acting is just as flat and lifeless! It’s probably due to the TRUE star of the film, one Daniel Frishman! He brings what is otherwise a by-the-book 80s cop flick into the realm of halfway-decent, even with his diminutive…er…screentime.

STARE… into the eye’s of danger, as Doug read’s a dangerous amount of listener mail!!!

MUMBLE… your approval, as Kirk keeps beating himself up for calling Norris “Walker” instead of McQuade!!!

KICK… off your shoes and relax, as Marc endlessly confuses Robert Beltran with Erik Estrada in a borderline racist way and is utterly remorseless!!!

As always, find Lone Wolf McQuade on Netflix Instant! Even though Doug didn’t watch the whole thing, he seems to have been convinced to watch it by the second half of this episode, so check it out! Also, head over to iTunes and drop us a rating! If you’re from another country, let us know in the comments below if you decide to write us a review (so we know to check that country). Also, if you’re a stitcher user, why the hell haven’t you favorited us?!!?!? DO IT!

Next Week: Finally, Miami Connection is streaming!!!

12 thoughts on “Treatment 131 – Lone Wolf McQuaid”

  1. Good to hear Marc finally letting out his Inner Klansman. He must have been more relaxed with his nemesis being absent this week.

    Saw this film many years ago and my only real impression was that I probably shouldn’t watch any more Chuck Morris movies.

  2. I haven’t listened to this yet, but I’m going to say a big THANKS for giving it the treatment it no doubt deserves! I’ve been hoping you guys would get to this one some day!

  3. My favorite part of this movie is when Erik Estrada went on to do 7 seasons on “Star Trek: Voyager”.


    Also, I am boldly looking forward to your new July promotion? Will it outdo In-Zane Julylum? Okay, I an answer that myself: no, nothing ever will. But what, outside of In-Zane Julylum II, could you guys ever do to top last July’s magic and wonder?

    I guess what I’m saying is, please do Sahara.

  5. I loved Miami Connection! It was found by people from the Alamo Drafthouse on Ebay for $50, and they showed it sight unseen as a “Weird Wednesdays” feature. I saw it after I bought the Blu-Ray, which contains some awesome special features you should really check out.

    If you guys don’t give Miami Connection the glowing review it deserves, I may have to consider removing a star from my iTunes review.

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