Treatment 130 – The People That Time Forgot

HoganAjorThe sixties make a comeback, with this episode. Except they do it via a movie from 1977. Weird, right? Also, we see the return of Sarah Douglas!

The People That Time Forgot

We have play-doh dinosaurs, really bad models of boats and planes, armored floor sweepers, busty cave women, and booze of course! We’re all over the place on this one, but the movie is so bad that simply criticizing the abuse of the laws of physics is boring.

GASP… for breath as the mailbag reveals the first good letter in some time, and a slew of new iTunes reviews that need to be read!!!

FLY… into danger, as Kirk does his amazing Pterodactyl impression!!!

WONDER… at Doug‘s bizarre invention of a Chuck-E-Cheese that’s tailored to bachelorette parties!!!

You can find The People That Time Forgot on netflix instant, or maybe even in your local video store (it’s probably checked out)! In the mean time, head over to the iTunes for your nation of primary residence and write us a review!! Then come back here, and leave us a comment telling us what country it is! Thanks, gang!

Also, if you’re a Stitcher user, please add us to your favorites! We suck in the rankings there!

Next Week: It’s TAKE TWO for Lone Wolf McQuaid, since Matt will be too busy to join us. Not sure of his aversion…I think it’s Chuck Norris.

13 thoughts on “Treatment 130 – The People That Time Forgot”

  1. TRIVIA! Dana Gillespie who plays the big-boobed cave girl in THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT lost out to Sarah Douglas for the role of Ursa in SUPERMAN. “Dana is a girl with very large splendid breasts,” said Sarah Douglas. “She tested for the role of Ursa, but they couldn’t lift her off the ground.”

    Oh, and Doug’s Chris Tucker impression sounds like a black Skeletor.

    1. I really wish someone would make a cartoon that features a Black Skeletor now. Are Skeletors like Draculas? Are there actually a whole bunch of them, not just one? So Black Skeletor would be like the Blacula of Draculas. Oh man, this is the best idea ever.

  2. Congratulations on getting rated in iTunes, guys! (insert snappy one-liner here)

    Also, I agree with the female emailer that Jem especially would be awesome. GI Joe would be cool, too, and also Thundercats, although the latter might be too obviously awful for you guys or something.

    1. Johnny, going forward let’s just say “femailer” instead of “female emailer,” OK? It saves time.

      Also, I would love to cover Thundercats… in some CLOTHING (in that pilot episode where they’re all creepily naked on their spaceship together). Plus, I do a wicked sick Mumm-Ra impression, so if we ever covered Thundercats then me and the other guys could do a totally awesome improv scene of Mumm-Ra arguing with Skeletor. But only the Ancient Spirits of Evil know if Marc-Ra will ever allow this.

      1. That reminds me that there is, I believe, a movie out there called “Femalien”. I remember seeing it on the wall of the local Blockbuster back in the day during one of those times my family decided to rent “The Gods Must Be Crazy” for the (N+1, where N is equal to at least 14)th time. Does anybody know enough about this movie to know whether or not it is true schlock? Or was this a truly great classic that I was too chicken to add to the cart?

  3. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the nice comments on my letter, I was also thrilled to hear Skeletor again!
    If you do end up covering G.I. Joe, I am greatly anticipating some Cobra Commander impressions.
    I’d like to clarify that I did, in fact, watch The Vineyard. It was pretty amazing! My favorite part was James Hong dancing at the party scene.
    Also, Matt – I checked out your tumblr post on the Can’t Stop the Music picture book. Thanks for sharing that, very cool!
    Ultimately, you really should see the Village People (and Steve Guttenburg) dancing and singing (and roller skating) in living color for the full schlocktastic experience.

  4. Here’s a joke I didn’t get too in this podcast:

    You know who are the People that Time didn’t Forget? Hitler, Stalin, and Ayatollah Khomeini–all former Time Meep-Meeps of the Year.

    Please read this comment in my absence during the Mail Bag section of Lonewolf (yuck) Meep-MeepQuaid.

  5. Hey guys,

    Been a while since I sent any feedback but I though I’d say I enjoyed the latest treatment, The People That Time Forgot. Although it’s dated, and it shows, it’s still a ton of fun and Sarah Douglas was pleasing on the eyes back in the day.

    Anyway, keep up the good fight and thanks for continuing your useless mission of bringing us reviews of bad films!

    Mike (from BBandBC)

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