Treatment 129 – Legion of Iron

LegionofIronWe took a chance this week, and tried a cheesy looking arena flick from 1990. It turned out to not only be an awful film, and not only have a cast of nobody, but to also have some awful rape scenes in it! Hooray! Also…barf.

Legion of Iron

There is no legion, no iron, and also not much in the way of action in this action extravaganza. Well, there are action scenes…they just don’t seem very…actiony. Also, we’re treated to a bit of torture porn, so there’s that. At the same time, it has the production values of my High School’s performance of Lil Abner, so it looks amazing.

THRILL… as Doug reads the mail, and introduces us to a new fan with a very special characteristic!!!

GIVE IN… when Kirk turns a 5 minute tangent about internet forums into a 15 minute tangent about peeing!!!

FIGHT BACK… when the show ends in the usual style: Matt rambling endlessly, and Marc utterly annoyed!!!

You can find Legion of Iron on Netflix Instant, but we don’t recommend it. Also, be sure to find us on iTunes and drop us a rating!! We read all reviews on the show, so check your spelling! And if you’re a Stitcher user, please remember to add us to your favorites! We’re trying to work our way up the Stitcher rankings from 90000000th place.

Next Week: We’re heading back to the 70s, and back to a picture with some (relative) star power. It’s The People That Time Forgot, with podcast favorite Sarah Douglas!!

12 thoughts on “Treatment 129 – Legion of Iron”

  1. That’s a nice–ah say–that’s a nice episode y’all did there! If y’all are serious, I can comment at any time. I’m available for anything–comments, reviews, teach y’all how to make love to yo woman…

  2. I wrote you guys a review, but it only appears in the Canadian iTunes store. You have four reviews there, and they’re all five stars. Canada loves you guys more than Marc’s mom.

  3. I’d just like to point out that Michael Damien, the singer of Rock On, is very different from Michael Pare’, the star of Streets of Fire. This informational tidbit only pertains to 6 seconds of this episode but its important to straighten out these misunderstandings.

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