Treatment 128 – Shakma


This episode features Doug, Matt, Marc….. and Shakma!

Sorry, we became so enamored with the announcer in the trailer for this film that it was almost an obsession. Seriously, this trailer oversells the film in some really awesome ways. And yet, we all couldn’t help but be drawn to the amazing SHAKMA!


Yep, this flick stars the inimitable Roddy McDowall in a role he very nearly phones in. He’s joined by Amanda Wyss, who is most memorable as Beth from Better Off Dead. It also has Ari Myers, of Kate & Allie fame. Oh, and Christopher Atkins, but we’re still trying to forget him and his mom jeans.

EXPERIMENT… with the guys as they attempt George Gaynes impressions galore!!!

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE… as Matt gets bored with listener mail and invents a cross between a Raptor and Shakma!!!

HAVE YOUR FACE TORN OFF… by amazingness, as Doug drops the most hilarious Buffalo Bill impression ever!!!

As usual, find Shakma on Netflix Instant. We also found it in parts on YouTube, if you want to see it really bad. Also, be sure to head to iTunes and drop  a rating for the podcast!! We love your feedback! If you’re a Stitcher Radio user, you can find us there as well…be sure to add us to your favorites.

Next Week: After this huge success, we’re staying with the 90s schlock and watching the incredibly awful-looking Legion of Iron!!!

15 thoughts on “Treatment 128 – Shakma”

  1. It’s a shame that that voiceover guy didn’t do more trailers before obviously being brutally murdered by Shakma during the trailer. He would’ve been great doing, like,


  2. I really think that Matt LeBlanc should have been in this. He has a good record of working with monkeys.

  3. this one of my many favorite episodes of schlock treatment!! you guys are mine and wife’s favorite podcast when it comes to schlocky movies, obviously yall have done many episodes since this one but i cant wait to hear the the many other schlocky movies to come, thanks guys!!!

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