Treatment 127 – Orca: The Killer Whale

OrcaThis week finds Kirk returning to the show, and all of us back to full form. And by “full form” we of course mean that we are making offensive jokes about whale abortions.

Orca: The Killer Whale

Yeah, this is a bit of a weird one. The film is well made, by Dyno Denelorits, so it’s not that. It’s also pretty well acted by the likes of Richard Harris and Bo Derek, to name a few. It probably has something to do with the godlike intelligence attributed to Killer Whales by the screenwriters.

JUMP… for joy as the guys discuss the origin of the semi-colon!!!

SWIM… in a sea of laughter, as Doug and Kirk have a case of the giggles while discussing whale porn and menopause!!!

KILL… another hour listening to rambling discussion, dumb jokes, awful puns, and Marc having to turn off Matt’s mic as he continually attempts an awful whale song impression!!!

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Next Week: SHAKMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Treatment 127 – Orca: The Killer Whale”

      1. Also (in a desperate attempt to save the aforementioned comment from being read anywhere), I, for one apppreciated your Arrested Development reference, Doug, even if Marc is developmentally unable to do so, he being one of the unwashed many who has never watched the show.

  1. You guys nearly broke the callback machine this episode. Save the callbacks from every episode for the big 200th spectacular! But I think I speak for everyone on the internet when I ask… When will Marc finally break and cover Encino Man?

  2. It’s never a question of if I’m going to lose my shit when I listen to Schlock Treatment, it’s just a question of when. In this episode it was “By the light of the lava lamp, tuck it back!”

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