Treatment 126 – Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

RemoChiunKirk is away being murdered by a stalker!

So, of course we celebrate by talking serious turkey about an 80s action legend! Well, more like what producers thought would be an 80s action legend, but didn’t quite reach the dizzying heights they expected.

Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

And the adventure also ends in this one, too. No more adventure was to be had. Maybe it’s because the adventure, as it was penned in this story, was sadly lacking. But at least there’s a sad, racist casting of a wispy white man as an ancient Asian martial arts master.

FLOAT… as Doug takes to reading some mail, and shares a story of product placement!!!

CONCENTRATE… as Matt professes his love for Reginald VelJohnson (again)!!!

DIVE… into a rousing game of “re-cast it” and hear the guys pick their favorites for cheap laughs!!!

You can find Remo Williams on Netflix Instant, if you’re looking for long training sequences and implausible physics. Also, you can head over to itunes and rate the podcast, if you like! We read all reviews on the show!

Next Week: We go killer whale, with Orca: The Killer Whale!!!!

15 thoughts on “Treatment 126 – Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins”

  1. Matt didn’t sound as drunk this episode. Did you guys sober him up like Doc Brown in Back To The Future III?

  2. I hope Kirk gets back from doing battle with leprechauns in space in time for the next episode.

  3. This movie is based on a looooong series of action/comedy novels (something like 150 in all, at least 100) that came out in the 70s and 80s. My dad used to read them, which meant that I read them as well. When this movie came out I was soooo stoked, and then soooo disappointed that they couldn’t do simple things like cast Asian people in the role of Asians.

        1. I seem to recall them all being exactly the same. Remo uncovers some plot, Chung trains him in the secret arts while being sarcastic, there’s a big setpiece fight, the end. I haven’t read any of them since I was like 14 so I can’t synposize the plots all that well (sorry). I also have this strange memory of them being “pretty good”, although I sense this is in the way that I remembered the Thundercats being “pretty good” until I saw an episode as an adult.

          Hey, this whole “let’s watch movies made out of books Johnny Slick’s dad read” thing doesn’t mean you’re going to start watching Louis Lamour adaptations now, is it? I mean, it’s either that or review movies made out of poorly hidden Playboy magazines… I believe I have said too much.

  4. I saw a bunch of the Destroyer books at a used book store that was closing down. Kind of wanted to by them, but I’m still behind on my subscription to The Shadow pulp novel reprints.

  5. I also remember thinking that it was strange for construction workers to take a couple of bucks to kill a guy. I still really liked this movie. Of course, at the time I saw it I was in high school, and I’d never heard of Joel Grey. Have to say I miss seeing Wilford Brimley though. Saw “Cocoon” and “The Natural” recently, and love him in those to. Oh, and in “Absence of Malice”.

  6. Sorry, I meant “two”. Just checked, and it looks like Wilford Brimley is still alive. Forgot, I really liked him in “The Thing” too.

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