Treatment 124 – Carnosaur

CarnosaurIt’s back to the horror genre for us, and back to films that fail with a classic bit of cheese from Roger Corman, the king of b-movie crap!


It’s the attack of the killer dinosaurs, and viruses, and chickens, and Clint Howard! This movie has something to hate for everyone! There are bad effects, there’s an incomprehensible plot, there’s Clint Howard, so much to hate!!!

RESEARCH… a science thing or something, when Marc shares a letter from someone shilling for a spellcaster!!!

EVOLVE…into a higher form, as Kirk and Matt start finishing eachother’s sentences!!!

LAY AN EGG…as Doug performs Was (Not Was), Wesley Willis, and Paula Abdul songs, among others!!!

As always, find Carnosaur on Netflix Instant, if you feel like watching something to make you hate life. Then head to iTunes, and rate the podcast for us! We appreciate your ratings!

Next Week: Special guest James Greene Jr., author of This Music Leaves Stains: The Complete Story of The Misfits joins us on the show to talk about Glenn Danzig in The Prophecy 2!!!

12 thoughts on “Treatment 124 – Carnosaur”

  1. I took your advice, and this week on the premiere episode of Schlock Treatment Guyz, hotcoffeelawsuit and I watch H.O.T.S. with our special guest Then our show will jump the shark into oblivion when Jon Cross stops by to watch random Van Halen music videos on VHS.

        1. Schlock Treatment Guyz episode 3, where we react live to the pictures rjnc direct messages us, drops next week on our MySpace page (SchlockTeatmentGuyz52).

          Unrelated to that super cool and not at all traumatizing ordeal, Orca: The Killer Whale is streaming now. It centers on a “neurotic whaler,” takes the unconventional stance that whales are actually vindictive jerks, and features Robert Carradine and Bo Derek.

    1. we tried to book Bunty Bailey

      but she was afraid she’d be sucked into one of kirk’s cartoons

  2. hi I please post comment. I have problem with twitter friend. he block me on twitter and say it because working project I contact dr. Mulani spell caster to make lawyer podcaster unblock me. Now other podcast friends even say he’s no fun guy anymore

  3. Animal does have teeth. I don’t know if my doll is missing it or not. Needs more investigation.

  4. Once again, I set myself up for failure by listening to your podcast before watching the movie. Hasn’t happened since “Solarbabies” but damn you guys for making an obviously crappy movie actually sound interesting by having so much fun discussing it! Carnosaur was a load but I couldn’t help myself. Why must your crazy stream-of-consious riffs and jokes make crap like this so alluring? And your disection of the “spell caster” spam was the icing on the cake. Please post a screen shot Marc! An exceptional episode guys but I just gotta find time from now on to watch the flick before I listen to your show!

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