Treatment 123 – Ghost Dad

GhostDadOur experiment in comedy draws to a close, as we attack one of the more schlocky pieces of cinema picked by listeners for our April’s Fools month.

Ghost Dad

Bill Cosby makes his triumphant return to the show, with this weird tale about a single Dad who gets killed by a Satanic Cab driver and comes back to close a deal at work so he can have a pension plan that will cover his kids expenses. Yes, really.

THRILL… as Doug rolls out the ultimate wisecrack 10 minutes into the show and the rest of the gang don’t see much point in continuing!!!

GASP… in amazement, as Kirk whips out a rather impressive Sidney Poitier impression!!!

SHRIEK… with joy as Matt mysteriously becomes more drunk as the show proceeds, despite never drinking a drop!!!

Ghost Dad is currently available on Netflix Instant, so have a look for it there. After giving it a watch, drop by iTunes to rate the podcast!! We love hearing your feedback, even if we really act like we don’t give a crap on the show! No, really!!! Also, have you favorited us on Stitcher? Because we’re on there…look for us!

Next Week: We’re getting back into some serious schlock, with the shitty dinosaur horror film Carnosaur!!!

4 thoughts on “Treatment 123 – Ghost Dad”

  1. This episode has two perfect things. The most perfect joke of all time by Doug and the most perfect outro by Marc. Matt doesn’t make perfect things. He always weaves in at least one flaw so his soul can escape if the filthy bankers come looking.

  2. I can’t tell whether I’m actually looking forward to Carnosaur, or my hopes have just been so crushed by Ghost Dad. I heard a couple years ago that Roger Corman looked at the returns of Carnosaur and figured out, following the same formula, that he could make money on two sequels before the well would be empty. Honorary Academy Award winner Roger Corman, father of The SciFi Channel’s midweek daytime line-up.

    Also weird for a Schlock Treatment movie, but Carnosaur was loosely based on a book (and it wasn’t Jurassic Park).

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