Treatment 122 – Summer School

NiceHairOh, man. Does our April’s Fools experiment trudge onward! Comedy, folks. It’s all Matt‘s fault.

Anyway, this week we’re moving on to movie number three from our comedy film poll. This was another of the films tied for first place. I know, right? I was surprised too.

Summer School

Mark Harmon stars in all his “nice haired” glory. This rather standard 80s comedy features slackers, hotties, and douchebag Vice Principals!

STUDY… the art of podcasting, as Marc lacks enthusiasm and can’t seem to read mail without screwing up!!!

CRAM… your favorite dumb jokes into your ears, as Matt cracks yet another “meep-meep” joke!!!

FAIL… utterly to be aroused, when Kirk relates his first time seeing the Toxic Avenger’s boobs!!!

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Next Week: We close out April’s Fools with a show full of awful Cosby impressions!!! Thanks to Ghost Dad!!

11 thoughts on “Treatment 122 – Summer School”

  1. Hey Marc,

    Thanks for doing me a “solid” and pretending that you have an even worse sense of humor than I do. I was feeling really down but then you guys made me feel better, even though I know you were just pretending to be that bad at making jokes. I kind of wish that I could take back my vote for you as the biggest jerk on the podcast now, although that leaves the question of who I’d vote for instead.

    For the record, I had compiled a spreadsheet of the funniest portmanteaus and “aidspenis” ranked very, very highly in all of the categories. It’s hard to call anything #1 because you know how how humor is subjective and all, but I think it was definitely in that general ballpark. Ah well… perhaps I didn’t properly weight the criteria this time around. Or maybe I tried too hard to shoehorn “aidspenis” into a conversation about Mark Harmon. Well, that gives me something to work on, I guess: I can include correlations for the ethnicities, post-movie work, and “star power” of the actor/actress I am referencing now. Back to the old drawing board! That’s what science is about, right guys?

  2. Sorry guys, I mistakenly said that Zabka was the main character’s boyfriend in Just One of the Guys. I was wrong. Zabka is the bully of the high school but Terry is actually dating an older college guy. I realized my mistake when listening to the show. Can’t always be perfect. Just most of the time.

    1. i loved Just Two of the Boobs

      speaking of twin peaks, hottie Sherilyn Fenn played Joyce Hyser ‘s sock interest

      Joyce is in the alternate version of the I Can Dream About You video too

  3. “They Came From Outer Space” starring Dean Cameron and Stuart Fratkin was indeed on the USA Network. It ran for a couple seasons and is now available on a pretty bootleg DVD. Dean and Stu got fucked out of mad royalties on this show so everybody better rent the fuck out of “Ski School” for the rest of their lives.

    1. This is good info. I’d like to know more about how they got screwed out of royalties. But this was a quality tidbit. I’ve got my eye on you, JGJ.

  4. For years I’ve been telling people that the guy who played Christopher in “The Sopranos” also played Chainsaw in “Summer School”. When you didn’t mention this in your show I looked it up on IMDB and sure enough they’re two completely different people. Guess I won’t be telling anybody that anymore.
    Great podcast by the way, keep it up!

    1. They do look a lot alike, if you ignore the possibility of Dean Cameron aging. Hey, he was a vampire in Rockula, right? Thanks for listening!

  5. I thought I remembered Dean Cameron being in a Law & Order episode, but it’s not on his IMDB page. I’ll let IMDB Correspondent Kirk Howle follow up on that report.

    Sort of related: The Stand miniseries is terrible. Randall “Tex” Flagg is the worst villain.

    Barely related: Rick + Deborah from Just One of The Guys are also in April Fool’s Day, a film which you should cover one day (along with Slumber Party Massacre).

    And finally, I laughed a lot while listening to this episode.

  6. Trivia:

    Ken Olandt who played Larry was in the syndicated TV show “Super Force” [1990 – 1992] , 10 episodes of the TV series “Riptide” and the April Fools’ Day film among other roles


    Patrick Labyorteaux [Kevin the jock] played Bud Roberts, Jr. in JAG from which NCIS was spawned from, and several episodes of “Little House On The Prarie” amongst other roles

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