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Treatment 120 – D.C. Cab

DC BuseyIt’s finally here!! Hoorah!

April’s Fools is upon us! And we kick this one off with the fourth movie of your choosing from the April’s Fools listener poll. We also kick it off with a special appearance by After Movie Diner host, raconteur, singer, and general Radio Flange Goblet weirdo Jon Cross!!

D.C. Cab

Off to a whacky start in our schlock comedy experiment, we come out of the gate with the amazing Gary Busey, the motivational Mr. T, and Jayne from Firefly. Quite a combination. We have some varied opinions on this one, and the discussion gets heated.

HAIL…hail, the gang ain’t here. Matt and Kirk both bow out this week, like jerks!!!

WHISTLE… at the impressively bottomless general movie knowledge of Jon, as he bores Marc and Doug with movie facts!!!

FARE… thee well, as we reveal the cruelest joke that Netflix ever played on Matt Ringler!!!

D.C. Cab is streaming on Netflix for now. Be sure to check it out, so you know what the heck we are talking about! Also, so you can see Busey’s weirdly manic performance! Also, be sure to head to iTunes and RATE THE PODCAST!!! We need your reviews, so any ratings would be much appreciated. If you’re a Stitcher user, be sure to add us to your favorites, please!!

Next Week: April’s Fools continues and our comedy experiment moves on in the poll! Unfortunately, our 3-way tie for 1st place had a casualty!! The Secret of My Success dropped out of Netflix Instant! YOU BASTARDS!! The good news is that we’ll be watching runner-up The Golden Child instead!!

7 thoughts on “Treatment 120 – D.C. Cab”

  1. “Now that’s a damn shame, throwing away a perfectly good white boy like that” was from “Better Off Dead” when John Cusack jumped off a bridge into a garbage truck. David Ogden Stiers finest movie.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA91eLaKqIE

    Up above is for doug but iv recently started my schlock treatment marrathon again from the very beggining with SHE (since the earliest episode me and my wife heard was -insert kirk joke, lepercock 5) ive gone back to hear every episode includeing yes marc the introduction of matt. Anyways the point is if you get comments from old episodes its from the rewson above and im sorry if it annoys yall. Plus my wife was excited when she heard our comment read on the shock treatment episode so thanks for reading it i didnt think it would be read. thanks guys for making my job alot more easier, each episode i hear makes the day go by faster especially with dougs gary busey voice or matts awsomeness, kirks gingerness and marcs ability to put up with it all, thanks guys

    1. My ability to put up with it all is overrated. Thanks for the comments! Not sure Doug will see this, because it’s such an old episode, but it may get read on the show.

  3. Also i know yall dont take requests but there is a shit film similar in the reigns of leviathan called proteus, i believe its still on netflix and it stars someone from the dislexter stallone film cliffhanger. Sorry just thought id try, anyways keep the schlock coming

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