Treatment 119 – Jesus Christ Superstar

FatHerodSchlock Treatment returns, and this week we celebrate in two special ways:

First, with the great Therese Mahler (from WFMUs Depravity’s Rainbow) who joins us this week with her cinematic pick! Which spurs our second means of celebration with another musical! Hooray! Therese even managed to choose a musical that ties to the upcoming zombie-worshipping holiday! Double-hooray!

Jesus Christ Superstar

Yes, some of us found our celebration to be short lived, upon watching this one. It has hippies dancing, fat guys jiggling, people who shouldn’t be singing singing, and also spittle. We talk all about Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elleman, and many more!

DANCE… joyfully at the prospect of Doug singing about Jesus being cool!!!

WAVE… your jazz hands about as Therese reveals her incredible knowledge of Shakespeare and Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!

KICK… your blues to the curb as the show yet again devolves into everyone (mostly Matt) ragging on Marc!!!

If you head on over to Netflix, you’ll find Jesus Christ Superstar available to stream instantly. And after you’ve tortured yourself with that, be sure to head to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast for further torture in episodes to come! If you’re anti-iTunes, you can always find us on Stitcher Radio…be sure to add us to your favorites!

Next Week: We kick off April’s Fools month with a bang! D.C. Cab was number 4 in our poll, so be sure to tune in!

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