Treatment 116 – Airwolf

AirwolfCelloIt’s back to TV for us, as we revisit a second 80s action classic. This time instead of the charm of Richard Dean Anderson, we’re stuck with the gruff, unlikeable, and slightly rapey Jan Micheal Vincent.


Yep, it’s the show you probably thought was really cool as a kid. We cover the pilot film (two episodes) and it’s loaded with tons of ground-shaking….dialogue. Also, lot’s of heart-pounding… cello playing. Yeah, it kind of sucks.

SWOOP… into action, as the guys completely whiz it down their legs by collectively forgetting to mention the POLL on our website for April’s Fools!!! It’s right over there —–> to the right…vote now!

SOAR… like an eagle, as Matt and Doug crack up over…a trash can!!!

STOOP (it’s a flying term…look it up)… to new lows as the guys discuss other, marginally better shows, like Knight Rider and Street Hawk!!!

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Next Week: We watch Adam Ant in the goofy, Spellcaster!

18 thoughts on “Treatment 116 – Airwolf”


    1. I noticed this too, MARC MCDONALDS NOTES! Was it so obviously a keyboard cello in the TV show too, or was that just a bad version of the song?

  2. Jan Michael Vincent was from my little hometown, and he was for a while a big deal. He has since been forgotten, and his spot as “small-town-guy-does-good” is now taken over by the creator of the Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show.”

    No shit.

    1. I don’t know if JG Quintel would appreciate being known as the new Jan-Michael Vincent, and yet it’s now the only way I ever want to refer to him. I’d love a sub-plot where Muscle Man goes crazy(er) after getting hooked on booze and cocaine and ends up doing community service after driving drunk and assaulting Starla.

      1. NO ONE would like to be referred to as the new Jan Michael Vincent! I mean, usually if people say your entire name (middle included), it’s because you’re a serial killer!

  3. You should really do an entire month on Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, um, I think they did a cartoon in the 80s about Teen Wolf, and then Twilight because those movies involve a teenaged wolf as well.

    Or you could do a Very Special Episode of Airwolf! The one where Janet Jackson gets beaten with an iron and has an iron imprint on her face.

    Anyway, I too never really watched this show when I was a kid, choosing Knight Rider and the A-Team instead. And also Perfect Strangers but I think that was a slightly different genre. Marc McDonald is the Cousin Larry of this podcast and everyone else is the Balky Bartokamous.

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