Treatment 115 – Solarbabies

SolarbabiesOkay, so we slipped a bit last week. But don’t worry, because this week we are back on form (though minus one). And we jump back into the swing of things with a heaping helping of kid glurge in the shape of…


It’s a post-apocalyptic feel-good bit of cheese with a cast of thousands of wonderful character actors like Terrence Mann, Sarah Douglas, Charles Durning, Richard Jordan, and even Peter DeLuise! Oh, yeah…it also has Jaime Gertz, Adrian Pasdar and Jason Patric.

SKATE…your way back into the swing of things, as Marc and Matt reunite against their common enemy, Kirk!!!

ROLL… your eyes as Marc manages to confuse Shelley Duvall for Shelly Long for the entire podcast!!!

SCORE…big time, as Doug coins the new term: Dawson’s Creeking!!!

Solarbabies is currently streaming on Netflix, and we advise caution. It’s also free for Prime Members on Amazon, if you’re one of those. Check our store to find a link. When you’re done there, be sure to head to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast there! Also, if you’re a Stitcher user, we have a link to our show to the right!

Next Week: We’re taking on TV yet again! This time it’s the pilot film for the TV Show, AIRWOLF! So, don’t miss it!

17 thoughts on “Treatment 115 – Solarbabies”

  1. What the heck, guys? You have a character named Bodhi and you can’t even make ONE SINGLE Patrick Swayze from Point Blank reference? When the Ringler brought up everybody’s favorite Keanu Reeves movie about surfing burglars, I thought for SURE someone was going to take that next step. But no. I am disappoint.

    Otherwise I just wanted to add that I, too, am a magnet for peoples’ cut-downs and cold pricklies, or at least I was before I began to realize it was actually other peoples’ flaws, not mine. Now when someone makes “a shot”, I simply point out that they must feel very sad about themselves and then we all have a good cry and everyone learns a valuable lesson.

      1. I will never be “okay” again, sir, although those pirates did at least teach me the ways of their trade and, in their primitive ways, how to love again. If this was a “shot” (I cannot tell due to the Internet masking tone), you must feel very sad about yourself.

  2. I can’t make every reference ever. Just be happy that we got to Aqua and Edith Bunker, which is easily the best part of this or the last three episodes.

      1. You’re being a little (Lori) Petty about this whole thing, Johnny “Slick” Utah. What would your Pappas say if he heard you a-Busey-ing us as if we were Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, a couple of ex-presidents. If you stop acting like a Roach, maybe the FBI would pay you to learn how to surf.

        THE END

        1. I must admit, at first I agreed with Johnny Slick. But Matt’s argument Swayze my opinion. And now I must Flea.
          (Red Hot Chili Ghost Peppers reference)

          1. But before I go, I just wanted to add that Matt made a really good Point. OK, now I can go on my Break.

            THE REAL END

        2. My name is Johnny Slick and I approve of this message. Also, do you know why you’re feeling cold, Matt Ringler? You’re cold because all of the blood is running out of your body. You’re gonna be dead soon. I hope it was worth it.

          1. You called Point Break, Point Blank, an item we discuss heavily in the Airwolf episode coming this Saturday.

  3. Yikes… I guess I’ll stay out of this one.

    Anyways, you guys were busting me up with the gushing over Jami Gertz.

  4. I am disappointed in my own performance here. Point Blank? WTF? So, Ringler… come on, baby, make it gertz so good.

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