Treatment 113 – The Dungeonmaster

DungeonmasterComing off our high from Sleepaway Camp, we descend into the DTs of moviedom. And what could be more appropriate for coming down, than a horror/sci-fi/fantasy film that was so awful it needed seven directors? It’s so bad, that Doug ends up bowing out for this episode…that bastard!

The Dungeonmaster

Richard Moll makes his debut appearance as a Schlock Treatment subject thanks to this truly awful film. It has computers, lasers, goblins, demons, zombies, Jack the Ripper, serial killers, cop-donut jokes, dwarfs with guns, monkey statues, and so much more! Despite all this, however, it manages to bore the hell out of all of us!

GET ZAPPED…when Doug disappears due to being sucked into a weird game of laser tag!!!

LINK UP…as Matt really and truly gets mad at this week’s film for being so awful!!!

REJECT OUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE YOUR OWN…as Kirk and Marc belt out the MacGyver theme with style and grace!!!

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Next Week: We go after oscar nominee, Ben Affleck in a big way in Phantoms!!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 113 – The Dungeonmaster”

  1. Very funny episode guys, but I like some Doug Fries with my Howleburger and Onion Ringlers when I’m at Marc McDonalds…

    I tried to watch THE DUNGEONMASTER all the way through, but my brain told me not to. The highlight of the film is Richard Moll, who is always amusing. He also played an evil demon wizard named (get this) Xusia in Albert Pyun’s shitastic, THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER… ya know, the movie where hero has a three bladed sword that shoot swords? Jesus, were everyone back in the 80s high on coke or something?

    Also, I thought guy who played Paul looked a bit like Michael Moriarty.

  2. Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled across Schlock Treatment, and I’ve been telling all of my friends about it. You guys are fantastic, and hopefully you can keep the group together, as the chemistry is really special.
    And if you’re willing to continue creating these podcasts, then we all know that Hollywood has provided you with bad films A-PLENTY to work from, for years to come!

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