Treatment 112 – Sleepaway Camp

SleepawayCampThis week we welcome special guest Maggie Serota, of the Low Times Podcast, to the show! And as our first ever female guest, Maggie certainly doesn’t pull any punches when she decided we should cover a film that’s practically a master-class in gender issues!

Sleepaway Camp

Yes, it’s probably one of the most infamous slasher films from the 80s, almost entirely because of the amazingly mind-boggling last 3 minutes of the film! But, as we find out, there’s more to talk about in this one than just the famous final scene. We cover a lot of bases…even talking about covering bases, in fact.

THRILL… as Maggie makes her case for Sleepaway Camp as a mirror held up to Reagan’s America!!!

SHRIEK… as Kirk talks about men in short shorts!!!

CRINGE… as Doug and Matt explain the finer points of using curling irons to Marc!!!

While Sleepaway Camp breaks our usual Netflix Streaming rule, it is available to watch in it’s entirety on YouTube, for now…so check it out there, if you’ve never seen it! Also, we dropped the DVD into our store, if you’re looking for a copy. In the mean time, be sure to head to iTunes and rate the podcast, or subscribe for more bad movies, bad jokes, fun conversations, and cool guests!!

Next Week: We pay homage to D&D and Night Court, by featuring Richard Moll in The Dungeonmaster!!!

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  1. Nowhere near as funny as you thought. I was responding to the listener poll Kirk conducted about going to John Cross’ birthday party.

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