Treatment 109 – Leviathan

MegFosterPodcast favorites Ernie Hudson and Meg Foster make their triumphant returns on this week’s episode. Matt also makes his triumphant return to attempting to be musical and failing! For other attempts, see The After Movie Diner.

Anyhoo, we dive back into the horror genre this week, and pay the price for our arrogance by having to suffer through this flushed turd of a film.


It’s a sort of The Abyss meets Alien meets The Thing meets Heavenly Bodies. I’m not selling it right, because that sounds amazing and this film really and truly isn’t. Take our word for it. Or just listen to the show.

GASP FOR AIR…. as Doug reveals the horror of Fish Draculas and Kirk reveals the horror of Juggalos!!!

CLAW FOR THE SURFACE… as Matt complains that the movie keeps fulfilling his stupid desires!!!

TURN BLUE FROM ASPYXIATION… as Marc theorizes that Matt gets drunk before every recording session!!!

As always, find the movie (if you really want to) on Netflix Instant! We also added the DVD and the on-demand rental to our store, if you’re so inclined. Please be sure to head over to iTunes and rate the podcast, or write us a review! Then be sure to subscribe for next week!

Next Treatment: Friend of the podcast Christopher Boerger returns to chat about Tales From The Dark Side!!

5 thoughts on “Treatment 109 – Leviathan”

  1. I wonder if the guy who wrote the framing story for Tales From the Dark Side got some smug look of satisfaction on his face when he wrote it as an an homage to/rip-off of Scheherazade and the king in 1001 Arabian Nights. And then he saw the final version starring Debbie Harry and Matthew Lawrence and was just horribly sad. According to IMDB, this is unofficially Creepshow 3, so congratulations, you completed the trilogy before Schlocktober 2013.

    As for loving Leviathan, sure it’s bad in general, but compared to The Garbage Pail Kids and The Octagon, it’s golden.

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