Treatment 106 – The Schlockies

SchlockiesHey everybody! It’s that time of year, time for champagne and resolutions, and our annual year-end wrap-up awards show!


The Schlockies!


This is the show where we go through all of our movies for the year, and each of us picks their favorites for the following categories:

  • Best Schlock
  • Worst Crapfest
  • Best Performance in a Schlock Film
  • Worst Performance in a Schlock Film
  • & The Ultimate ERJ Award Winner

All of our films are special, but some really went above and beyond! Tune into this week’s episode to find out which ones made the grade for each of the hosts of Schlock Treatment?

Many of this year’s films are still available to watch on Netflix Instant, if you want to check them out. Or look through our store to find them on Amazon! In the mean time, we would much appreciate any reviews you could write for the podcast on iTunes. If you don’t have time, just drop a quick 5 star rating!

For a complete list of our films, Letterbox’d users can find a list here!

Next Year: We start the new year off with a bang, by jumping straight into The Garbage Pail Kids Movie!!

9 thoughts on “Treatment 106 – The Schlockies”

  1. My New Years resolution is to actually watch all the movies along with the podcast this year. If Garbage Pail Kids really is as shitty as IMDB says though, this might last as long as all those years of losing weight and learning Spanish.

    Adventure musical comedy for genre… just… damn it.

  2. Heard Kirk on my buddy Pax’s podcast. Talking about toys that should exist, both Megaforce and Buckaroo Banzai should get the Schlock Treatment. Looking forward to you guys peripherally talking about movies in between the insults as Mark does a slow burn, culminating in a terse profanity.

  3. Doug’s already seen Megaforce on the After Movie Diner Podcast and the result was not good! I suspect if its to be on Schlock Treatment then it’d have to be a week that Doug’s not there

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