Treatment 101 – MacGyver

This week, we dive into our second hundred episodes by covering another great television gem! And what could be more schlocky than a guy who sort of works for the government, but sort of not, and goes around the world saving the day by jury-rigging his way through his adventures?

Mac Gyver

So, which episodes do we cover? We start with Season 1, episode 5 entitled The Heist. That features MacGyver in an elaborate diamond heist from a casino. Yep. Really. Then we try to get a little more serious by covering Season 1, episode 6 entitled Trumbo’s World. And this one’s all about MacGyver‘s trip to the amazon jungle to fight a giant swarm of killer ants!

IMPROVISE… a way to relax and listen as the guys talk about birds, jewels, fiber optics, and green screens!!!

WHIP-UP… a snack and settle in for a discussion about the lost era of the TV opening theme!!!

ENGINEER…a way to listen in to a serious discussion about MacGyver versus Batman!!!

We found MacGyver streaming on Netflix, so you can catch up on old episodes there! Or, if you want, we also found the episodes in question available to rent from Amazon. Look for them in our store in the Video On Demand section! When you’re done there, please look up Schlock Treatment on iTunes and rate the podcast for us! We read all new reviews on the air! Then be sure to subscribe for next week!

Next Treatment: We’re out of town for Thanksgiving, but we’ll return December 1st with a series of holiday themed movies and shows, starting with Jack Frost!

12 thoughts on “Treatment 101 – MacGyver”

  1. A while ago on the Streets of Fire podcast, Matt mentioned the possibility of a sequel. Turns out it was released in 2008 and called Road to Hell. Michael Pare stars as someone referred to only as Cody, but he’s a soldier all bent out of shape about his singer girlfriend who is famous. Even better, the director is Albert Pyun, known for the wonderful Cyborg and Schlock Treatment’s own Dollman. Sure, it isn’t on Netflix Instant, but… um… Cyborg 2 is? It has nothing to do with Cyborg, and Jean Claude van Damme is replaced by Angelina Jolie and Jack Palance.

  2. Doug seemed quiet on this episode – was Macgyver so exciting that it sent him hyper again?

    Oh and congratulations to Marc on his 100 episodes of putting up with his co-hosts!

  3. I admit that my first thought when I heard you guys did this was “ah crap, there goes my childhood again”. I mean, “Red Dawn” is one thing because when you start to explain that movie to people you suddenly have to realize to yourself that it’s kind of dumb, but MacGyver was awesome! Duct tape! A Swiss Army Knife!

    But then again, maybe not. It seriously amazes me sometimes how much improved television has become in just 20 years. At about the time MacGyver was on, The Golden Girls was the #1 show on television. And while hey, Betty White is kind of funny, that is just not a very funny show.for grown-ups and people who do not require velcro shoes to get around.

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