As you all know, Hurricane Sandy has ground the NYC/NJ area to a halt. And we here at Schlock Treatment Enterprises are not immune! Thousands of our faithful employees are stranded in various locations around the city, and thus we were unable to bring you our much-anticipated 100th Episode! The HORROR!!

As a consolation prize, we decided to put together a little video telethon of sorts. We invited all of our friends from podcasts you know and love like:

And, together, we put forth a tremendous effort that entailed literally minutes of preparation, to bring you….


Feel free to watch, if you have the stomach for an hour and a half of totally pointless rambling about nothing! In the mean time, we hope to have our 100th Episode of Schlock Treatment available for you as soon as possible!

Thanks for listening,

Marc, Doug, Matt, and Kirrrrrrrrrrrk HOWLE!!!

9 thoughts on “Frankencast!!!”

  1. How dare you not have your show out on time!

    Seriously I hope everyone is well. Everyone, that is, except Matt Ringler. Fool me six times, shame on you. Fool me seven… can’t get fooled again.

  2. It has been a while since your rivalry with How Did This Get Made has come up, but their next episode is Cobra. The only way you can regain the high ground is, of course, HOTS to finish out 2012. Sure Matt would show up, unfortunately, but you gotta do what you gotta do… TO WIN.

  3. Johnny Slick hating is status quo but Giant Bugs joining in is brand new. If I knew I would get new haterz by NOT showing up, I’da stopped showing up a long time ago.

    P.S. 100th ep is hilarious if you think MR is hilarious (he is). Lots of amazing stream of consciousness from Krik, Doug, and MintJulep.

    1. Hey, all you creepy Internet lurkers, watch this movie Matt is in (copy & paste YouTube link below into your browser, dum dums). If you watched Frankencast, you already saw the very blurry movie poster for it (except that you didn’t see it because you were too busy looking at a picture of a sexy lady on Kirk’s phone).

      The movie is called “Clipped”. At 10 minutes, it’s much shorter than Frankencast. And yet it took longer to plan and shoot and edit than Frankencast did. God, we’re all so STUPID! Enjoy.

    2. I just threw my support behind HOTS, but you had to focus on the part where I make a bad joke about your recent bout of tardiness. You’re impossible to please Mr The Fingler.

        1. I swear, I haven’t be treat this poorly since that time Mira Sorvino and Charles S. Dutton killed most of my family in Manhattan.

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