Treatment 98 – The Stuff

Schlock marches on, as Schlocktober oozes through our very veins! You know how we keep talking about all the awful sweets and candies that we’re eating? Well, this movie actually puts us in our place, and we decide to forgo the sweets for a week!

The Stuff

Hey, it’s another satirical film! I mean, this is probably as close as we’ll ever get to respectable cinema, right? At least it has something to say, even if it does it with cheesy dialogue, mediocre acting, cheap effects, and a goofy plot!

NIBBLE… your way through our mail sack, with communications both heartfelt and critical!!!

SNACK… on the sweet, sweet treat that is Kirk’s revelation of who he would sex up if he had a cartoon penis!!!

DEVOUR… the warm comfort food of assurance, when Marc checks to make sure Abe Vigoda is still alive!!!

The Stuff is available to watch instantly on Netflix, as usual. You can also find it available to rent from amazon via our store! We tossed the DVD in there, too. Then head over to iTunes and please RATE the podcast! We love to hear your feedback, and we always make sure to read new reviews on the show!

Next Treatment: Our final Schlocktober entry is the sequel to last year’s success, and your most requested Schlocktober entry: Creepshow 2!!

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