Treatment 97 – Children of the Corn

Week two of Schlocktober doesn’t quite pounce on you.

Nah, week two is more like you drove nearby, and the road signs were misleading, and even though you really, really, really, didn’t want to go there, it seems like every turn you took just resulted in you heading right smack-dab into the middle of it. Okay, I might be laboring that point a bit.

Children of the Corn

So, thanks to netflix pulling Silver Bullet out from under us, we are forced to cover this film as the 1st runner up! Hooray? Anyhoo, it’s full of creepy children (is there any other kind?), incompetent doctors (ditto), and Ralph Bakshiesque demons! Also Linda Hamilton before she was a badass in T2.

HARVEST… a huge handful of candy, as the guys eat sugary sweets very close to the mics (again)!!!

PLANT… the seeds of doubt, when Matt tries to feed a line of BS all about how he watched every Children of the Corn sequel!!!

SLASH & BURN… your fields to ensure proper nutrient density in the soil, and maybe engage in some crop rotation while you’re at it!!!

Children of the Corn is available (currently) to watch on Netflix Instant!! You can also find it in our store, since Amazon is streaming it for free for Prime members!! Oh yeah, and the DVD is in there too. Also, be sure to head to iTunes and write us a review that complains about Matt! Then be sure to subscribe to the podcast for next week’s episode!

Next Treatment: Schlocktober week 3 is featuring The Stuff!!!


12 thoughts on “Treatment 97 – Children of the Corn”

  1. My takeaways from this podcast:

    1. You people are seriously underinformed about the Muppets. Avenue Q, which was endorsed by the Henson family, has muppet fucking in it. It’s kind of awesome, actually, And sexy. Awesexy. Sorry. I’m no good at making up words, not like you guys are.

    2. I totally did not realize that “Night Shift” was a tribute song to Marvin Gaye until Matt MarcDonald made it the outro song for the episode. Mostly this was because I hadn’t heard it for like 25 years but still.

    3. You know what would have been a really good choice for a horror movie this Schlocktober, speaking of movies created by Stephen King? Silver Bullet with Gary Busey. I’m surprised you all didn’t put it on the list or anything. I’m sure people would have voted for that crap.

    Okay thank I am out

    1. Thanks for your comments. Here are some responses:

      1. Those are PUPPETS fucking in Avenue Q.
      2. I think they also reference Jackie Wilson.
      3. Thank you for your suggestion. We are planning to make up the loss of a Gary Busey horror film by having Doug do an awful Gary Busey impression at some point in the future. Stay tuned!

  2. This episode was… okay. Children of the Corn is a pretty boring film. Not much happens in it.

    You guys should have covered Children of the Corn 2: The Final Sacrifice instead. It’s the corniest in the series and actually more fun than the first film.

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