Treatment 96 – C.H.U.D.

It has begun!

Yes, it’s Schlocktober, and we’re celebrating by bringing you four weeks in a row of schlock horror! You voted, and we listened, and now we bring you choice number 4 from our poll!


Yes, it’s perhaps one of the most famous monster movie titles of all time, and yet most people probably never picked this one up from the video store. Maybe it’s because the name is just that ridiculous. Maybe it’s because the premise is a little goofy. Or maybe it’s because it stars the amazingly charisma-free John Heard, and his Home Alone co-star Daniel Stern!

CREEP… beneath the streets of good taste, asĀ  Marc and Kirk criticize Doug‘s impression of Mike Tyson for sounding too much like Ice-T!!!

STALK… the victim that is boredom, as we welcome Stephen Hawkings to read a letter from Matt!!!

IRRADIATE… your sadness glands (you didn’t need them anyway) as the guys talk candy and munch on this week’s featured treat!!!

Be sure to look for C.H.U.D. on Netflix Instant, and block the random city sewer entrance that’s supposedly in everyone’s basement. We also made sure to add it to our store, where you can find that and many other flicks we covered! Then head to iTunes and PLEASE RATE THE PODCAST! Okay, that’s it. We’ll stop telling you what to do, now.

Wait….also tune in next week!

NEXT: Schlocktober continues as we are forced by Netflix to resort to our runner-up film already (they pulled Silver Bullet)! It’s Children of the Corn!

7 thoughts on “Treatment 96 – C.H.U.D.”

  1. “That’s a long time to bleed” At first I thought it was a bastardization of Jess Ventura’s “I ain’t got time to bleed” line from Predator. Then I realized you were talking about menstruation. Has the podcast sunk so low that you resort to lady parts jokes?

    Just Kidding. Very funny show. Thanks for the laughs.

    Recommendation “The LAst Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthullhu” Stupid but fun horror comedy.

  2. Also, just curious how you guys started doing inflicting these movies, your jokes and celebrity impressions on people through the interweb? Met at a halfway house, turkish bath or in the line at the DMV?

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