Treatment 94 – Highlander II: The Quickening

After covering The Highlander, a film we all rather like, some time ago, it seemed only fair that a bad movie podcast should at some point cover its awful sequel. I mean, that’s what we do, right? Well…finally it becomes available on streaming, even if it’s only the “renegade edition,” and we can cover it at last!

Highlander II: The Quickening

Yup, Conner McCloud is back, and this time he’s a narcoleptic old man! But, not to worry! Rather than allow him to die of natural causes, evil overlords time travelers from another planet the very distant past, for some reason, decide to come after McCloud, make him young again, and give him a chance to disable a planetary shield that he built because the ozone layer depleted. Yeah, it didn’t make any sense to us either. Did we mention that Connery is back for no apparent reason as the Scottish/Egyptian/Spaniard Ramirez? Oy vey!

THRILL… as Matt returns to the show to share obscure quips and random references to Bruce Springsteen songs!!!

SHIVER… at the merest mention of Christopher Walken making this film a million times better, had he been in it!!!

QUIVER… in ecstasy as the guys talk medical terminology, female anatomy, and Sean Connery‘s knowledge of both (or maybe only the latter)!!!

You can find Highlander II on Netflix instant, for now. We also have the DVD available in our store, for now. Look, availability of this film is spotty, is all we’re saying. Anyhoo, if you get a chance to watch it, do. Then head over to iTunes and rate the podcast there! If you’re lucky, we’ll read your amazing 5-star review on the show! Also, be sure to subscribe for next week!

Next Week: We’re heading back in film history to a political screed from the 60s! It’s the youth movement taking over, in Wild in the Streets!!! Every adult’s worst nightmare!!! Join us then!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 94 – Highlander II: The Quickening”

  1. Very funny episode.

    The accents were great. When Kirk did his impression of Old Man Highlander he sounded like Herbet the pedophile from Family Guy.

    As for the weird bulging eyes moment in the film… well, Russell Mulcahy is from Australia. George Miller, who is also Australian, did the bulging eyes thing in Mad Max & Twilight Zone: The Movie. Australian filmmakers apparently love bulging eyes.

    1. They also love weirdly modified cars, drag queens, and Abba, but you don’t see them putting those in every movie. Wait…I guess they kinda do. You’ve won THIS round, Australia!

  2. You did it! I have watched both versions of this movie within the last year, trying to coax a modicum of enjoyment out of this horrendous POS movie. It took the mythology and originality of the first movie and Two-Girls-One-Cup-ed them. Up until now, that has been to no avail. You guys did it. You made a movie that have never been in the “so bad it’s good” realm and took it there. Thanks!!

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