Treatment 93 – Lifeforce

The obvious questions is: can a bad film be saved by the fact that the lead actress is completely nude in nearly every scene? No film is quite as qualified to answer that question as this one.


The answer, of course, was a resounding “maybe!” Mathilda May‘s ample assets certainly doesn’t subtract from the success of this film. In addition there’s the great Patrick Stewart in a small, but scene-chewing, role! So, this movie sound’s great, right? Unfortunately, there’s also Steve Railsback and Golan & Globus.

SUCK… the essence from yet another scene-by-scene analysis by Marc, Doug, and Kirk!!

BAFFLE… at another failed joke attempt by Marc, whose addled brain doesn’t quite manage it!!!

STAB… another hour of boredom in the heart with a giant steel sword!!! Actually, you should stab it just below the heart, where the soul is stored.

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Next Week: Oh man, we’re following up on our Highlander coverage by covering the incredibly ludicrous “renegade edition” of Highlander II! Join us then!

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7 thoughts on “Treatment 93 – Lifeforce”

  1. Ah – Lifeforce. The movie that just about broke Golan Globus (this was a big budget effort for them and flopped totally). I’m old enough to remember when the movie came out and it was pushed very hard over here. Our wonderful British tabloids gave it huge amounts of coverage – mostly because it allowed them to show pictures of Mathilda May in the buff). Sadly having seen the pictures no-one bothered to see the movie. As a result subsequent movies have not generally featured a nude leading female – a sad loss especially in these days of 3D

  2. Loved the Podcast (as I do every week). I distinctly remember when this movie came out on cable. It was shown approximately twice a night on Skinemax for an entire summer, and I endeavored to catch every single showing. I noted not a single plot hole or defect in the movie. It was a revelation to a 14 yr old boy.

    I truly hope you guys do “The Stuff” as it is truly a wonderful terrible movie. I will be on tenterhooks until next week, as I own both the the original version AND the renegade version of Highlander 2. I saw it opening night years ago and still am trying to eke some enjoyment (hell, some coherence) out of this horrifyingly bad sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time.

  3. I was afraid my review would be deemed inappropriate by Itunes, so here it is:

    “I rarely use the word “heroes” anymore but….

    ….these guys take a bullet for us every week, right to the taste-sac (which is caudal to the soul sac, but right next to the cheez-whiz sac), by watching some truly terrible movies. A host of references and quotes, some obvious, others obscure, accompanied by enough dick and fart jokes to fill a Mel Brooks movie, make this a truly entertaining podcast. It is a contradiction in terms to say that each one of these shmucks stands out in this ensemble piece of stupidity, but they pull it off. Much like the wonderful terrible flicks they discuss, the world needs these paradoxical idiot savants.”

    Dead Doc Mike

    1. DDM- put some asterisks or something on this, post it to iTunes, and become our new LISTENER OF THE WEEK! (and thanks!)

      Guys, we have a new segment to kiss up to the fans.

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