Treatment 92 – Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

Matt once again bows out for an episode that features what might be the weirdest, goriest, and just plain strangest films we’ve ever covered.

But wait, you say, I thought you were going to put off covering horror films until Schlocktober! No, we didn’t break our promise, it turns out one of the goriest films we’ve ever covered is a crazy martial arts film!

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

As near as we can figure, this is a film about a guy sent to prison, who happens to have a real problem with outrage. And he tends to express that outrage by punching holes into people…bloodily. It has exploding heads, guts pouring out of bodies, people ripping out intestines to strange others, and guys who sing about their toilet habits!

PUNCH… a bloody, spurting hole in the gut of boredom, as Doug yawns in the first 5 seconds of the show!!!

TRIP… your troubles onto a spiked board so that their eyes get poked out as we discuss the similarities between Matt and Urkel!!!

TURN INTO A GIANT TROLL/CLOWN THING… and…uh, well… Shit. I’m not sure where to go with that. This movie is fucking weird!!!

We were thrilled to find Riki-Oh on Netflix Instant. We also managed to find the DVD and add it to our store, care of Amazon. If you want to own this weird masterpiece, find it there! Also, be sure to head to iTunes and rate the podcast! Then subscribe for next week’s show!

Next Week: We’re covering some Steve Railsback sci-fi with Lifeforce!!

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4 thoughts on “Treatment 92 – Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky”

      1. When I said “greatest fucking movie ever” I didn’t mean… well, you know. That would be “Wild Things” with Neve Campbell and I think Kevin Bacon. Or perhaps “Helvetica”. Now I’m not sure. I’ve never thought about this question before and will need to “research” it.

  1. The guy on the toilet says: ” He’s a real playboy, he’s got lots of lovers, But he doesn’t know if he needs to go the toilet”

    In the dubbed version he sings ‘satisfaction’ by the Rolling Stones.

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