Treatment 91 – American Ninja 4: The Annihilation

This week we feature the 4th in an infamous series of awful movies. No, we’re not talking about Adam Sandler‘s 4th movie, we’re talking Dudikoff! And talking about Dudikoff mean’s we’re talking about ninjas!

American Ninja 4: The Annihilation

Yup, Dudikoff is back, and this time he joins the guy who was in American Ninja 3! Wow! Yeah, we weren’t quite that excited either (except for Matt). Sure, he doesn’t show up until 45 minuted into the film, but he does wear a bright yellow ninja uniform. So, there’s plenty to talk about. We actually found this film to be pretty entertaining, so we recommend checking it out.

MEDITATE… as we discuss the myriad failings of the giant hordes of ninjas that flood this movie!!!

FIGHT…. the urge to ask”what the hell” of this movie, as we discuss the sudden appearance of the cast of Road Warrior!!!

SLASH… the left eye of weirdness, when we question the point of the character known as “Super Ninja!!!”

You can find American Ninja 4 on Netflix Instant. We also saw it in full on Youtube, if you want to check it out there. After watching it, head to iTunes and write a review for our podcast! Also, be sure to subscribe, so you can join us next week!

Next Treatment: We’re gettin’ gory, with Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki! Good stuff!

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3 thoughts on “Treatment 91 – American Ninja 4: The Annihilation”

  1. Rikki-O is the GREATEST MOVIE EVER. I’m a little surprised you hadn’t already covered it, to be honest. Just when you don’t believe the movie can possibly get any cheaper and/or stupider, it exceeds your expectations. Not to put you under too much pressure but this movie is so awful, it’s like your week one college football game where if you don’t beat your movie-opponent by 50 points, people will start to wonder if your recent loss of Ron Lovitz was the beginning of your downfall.

    1. That “week one college football” analogy went over really well with Marc, who knows everything there is about sports and is a huge fan. Also with Kirk, who went to college on a football scholarship and Doug, who once said that his year doesn’t start until the pigskin is on the grill.

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