Schlocktober Poll Time!!

Get ready everyone, Schlocktober is on its way! That means a whole month of the schlockiest, most awful horror films! And also CANDY!!!

In preparation for that wonderful month, we chose 13 of the spookiest, scariest, creepiest, and schlockiest films from Netflix Instant! And we’re going to let you, the listeners, choose between them! So check out the poll that will be running all of September (almost) and be sure to vote for your favorites to determine our movies for that month! You can find the poll right here on in the widget to the right! ———>

Voting will end on midnight on the 25th, and the winning movies (the 4 with the most votes*) will be announced on our September 29th episode!

So, vote now, and vote often (I think weekly visits are allowed)! Then be sure to subscribe to the podcast, so you can join us for Schlocktober!!


*winning movies that fall out of Netflix Instant, as is often our luck, will be replaced by the runners up

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