Treatment 90 – Deathsport

Coming off our high from Starcrash, we dive straight into another 70s schlock title. Only, this time, we (star)crash and burn! We should have known better, what with this being a Corman picture, but we figured that if it had Carradine, it might reach Death Race 2000‘s exalted levels! Nope.


Nomads, mutants, and swords made of crystal…it must be THE FUTURE!! Yup, it’s the post-apocalypse again, and David Carradine is traipsing around a wasteland wearing a loin cloth. Ugh. But don’t worry, the plot is pointless too! This one also features that guy from God Told Me To Kill. Yay.

THRILL… as the ST gang discusses such racy topics as BDSM, mono, and auto-erotic asphyxiation!!!

WONDER…. at the amazing future, where thermoses are deadly weapons!!!

SIGH… as you realize Deathsport features only 3 minutes of the famed Deathsport!!!

Deathsport can be found on Netflix Instant. We checked Amazon, but couldn’t find it for less than 30 bucks. And let’s face it, nobody needs to own this film. Visit our store anyway, if you want to buy something else. The head to iTunes and drop a rating for the podcast! We also love people that subscribe, so we can make you dance on our disco floor of dangling crystals until you die of shock (or schlock)!

Next Week: We are heading back to the safety of a ninja movie, with American Ninja 4: The Annihilation!!!

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