Treatment 89 – Starcrash

Once in a while, we run across a truly schlocky film. This is one of those whiles. This week’s movie finds Kirk missing in action, but Matt makes a comeback. And he picked a good movie to make a comeback for!


This is a Barbarella and Star Wars mash-up from an Italian studio. So you know it must be good. On top of that, it has Caroline Munro and David Hasselhoff! Not sold yet? Okay, how about a green Telly Savales? What about a robot that talks like a dumb cracker? What about a plot that is totally stream of consciousness?

GASP… with horror, as the guys engage in a large amount of stereotyping as they discuss the name of one of the ships in the film!!!

SWOON… as Matt does his best Crash Test Dummies impression, and Doug and Marc discuss what artists might have helped the soundtrack of this movie!!!

THRILL… as the guys talk about dressing for prison, Captain MacGuffin, spaceship decor, Edith Bunker, and what kind of robots make the best companions for the ladies!!!

You can find Starcrash streaming on Netflix, and we recommend that you do find it…it’s crazy! If you have a hankerin’ for a DVD of this film, you can find it in our store! Then, be sure to head over to iTunes, and write us a review! Then, subscribe to the podcast for next week’s episode!

Next Treatment: We stick with the serious schlock, and watch Deathsport, starring David Carradine!!

14 thoughts on “Treatment 89 – Starcrash”

  1. Giving a listen to this podcast as I put this response of sorts up at this site

    As an alternative there is a fan made MST3K style thing using Starcrash

    One can watch using a playlist I made or in bite sized chunks …

    Part 1 starts at

    Part 2 >>

    Part 3 >>>

    Part 4 >>>

    Part 5 >>>

    Part 6 >>>

    Part 7 >>>

    Part 8 >>>

    Part 9 >>>

    Part 10 >>

    Part 11 >>

    Part 12 >>

      1. There was a 13th part to the riff which I didn’t notice until I looked at my youtube channel … substitute 0pHsh5mgELY in any of the pages above … my link was lost in the matrix of Schlock Treatment

  2. Great podcast concerning a very silly movie ( btw I posted something earlier with links so its in the filter somewhere ) ….great that you mentioned quite a few of the gaping holes in what passed for a what’s the word … oh yes plot. And the mention of Captain McGuffin was worth the price of admission …

  3. Trivia via imdb: The spaceship in the opening sequence bears the name Murray Leinster, after the ScienceFiction writer and special effect pioneer of the same name.

    David Hasselhoff contracted food poisoning during the shooting of the movie; a production assistant had to fill in for Hasselhoff for a fair share of the scenes in which his character Simon’s face is covered by a mask. Moreover, Hasselhoff did most of his own stunts and accidentally knocked out an Italian stuntman’s tooth on his first day of doing stunts

  4. During that scene with the big tentacled green head in a jar, all I could think of was Tony Harrison from The Mighty Boosh screaming, “This is an outrage!”

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