Treatment 88 – Red Dawn

It’s episode number 88, and we’re celebrating with one of our goofiest episodes yet! For some strange reason, the guys (minus Matt) have a hankering for karaoke, and partake in some very silly banter. It could be influenced by the fact that this week’s movie is a very serious treatment of one of the silliest concepts in film history.

Red Dawn

This film is basically, a conservative’s wet dream, with commies invading the heartland. But don’t worry, because good ole boy High School football players use their boy scout skills, NRA cards, and tough-love upbringing to kick some serious ass and triumph over the evil Ruskies! It has The Swayze, Charlie “Winning” Sheen, and Lea Thompson to name just a few!

TUNE IN TOKYO… as the guys decide this show should emulate an 80s morning, drive-time radio show!!!

TUNE BACK OUT… as Kirk and Doug perform a truly awful karaoke rendition of an awful 80s tune!!!

TUNE UP… your listening skills, as the guys talk boobs, guns, Coca-Cola, Arnold Schwarzenegger, purse dogs, grenades, and drinking poop from a deer’s neck!!!

Of course, Red Dawn is streaming on Netflix Instant. We also found the DVD and a digital rental on Amazon and placed them into our store to make them easy for you to find! Check ’em out. After you check out the movie, be sure to head to iTunes to rate the podcast for us! We would love for you to write us a review, and if you do, we might just read it on the show!

Next Week: We go back to high camp with an Italian sci-fi flick, featuring David Hasselhoff and Caroline Munroe! It’s Starcrash!!

3 thoughts on “Treatment 88 – Red Dawn”

  1. I take back everything good or semi-good I ever said about Ringler. This was the best podcast you guys have done in a long while, at least since He-Man and maybe even ever. Also, few if any puns! HOORAY!

  2. Great episode even if I disagree with your opinions on this movie. I personally love Red Dawn and have no problem buying into it’s outlandish premise and the subtleties of the backstory. However, I’m willing to admit that may be me looking at it through nostalgia-colored glasses and that there really are some issues with logic that I’d think differently about if watching now for the first time.

    Also great parody song, guys. And I include Kirk in that compliment even if he refuses to follow me on Twitter.

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