Treatment 86 – Murder, She Wrote: AVGYFM

Hey, kids! It’s the last of the Billy Zane films!! Pretty soon you will be fully cured, and discharged from the in-ZANE JULY-lum!!! Hooray! Well, it’s also possible you’ll be a spent, drooling, quivering mess that can no longer function in normal, polite society. So, there’s that. But we tried to go easy on you.


For those of you not in “the know,” that stands for Murder, She Wrote Season 04 Episode 17: A Very Good Year for Murder!!! I don’t think we’re going to fit that whole title into the episode title on iTunes. Anyhoo, yes we are covering an episode of Murder, She Wrote just because it has Billy Zane in it!! I know, crazy, right?!? Anyhoo, it also happens to have the amazing John Saxon and the ugly Eli Wallach! What it doesn’t have is much of a plot.

GLANCE SUSPICIOUSLY… as Marc reads mail from the usual suspects, and Doug composes a song for a listener!!!

SEARCH FOR CLUES… of intelligent life on this podcast, as the guys talk TV murder mysteries and Matt references¬†Richie Brockelman, Private Eye again!!!

FINGER THE CULPRIT… when Kirk gets up and leaves in the middle of the show…AGAIN!!!

Once again, you can find Murder, She Wrote on Netflix streaming instantly! Otherwise, check your DVD collection…you know you have it! The episode is called A Very Good Year for Murder, and it’s Season 4, episode 17. After watching it, head over to iTunes and rate the podcast! Then subscribe for next week’s show!

Next Week: We are blissfully Billy Zane-free! And we have a special guest! Mark Prindle of internet music reviewing fame will be joining us to discuss Frogs!


4 thoughts on “Treatment 86 – Murder, She Wrote: AVGYFM”

  1. How the hell did you guys land Mark Prindle? I love the podcast and all, but that guy is tv famous.

    I look forward to the line “Something something something, you’re father deserved to die because he was horrible.”

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