Treatment 85 – Posse

Too bad for you that the full-length version of Critters that was on YouTube got yanked by NBC/Universal, because that means we covered this movie instead. Ugh…


Yep Billy Zane is back, this time as a pirate-faced cowboy chasin’ after gold stolen by a bunch of black soldiers (and Stephen Baldwin). The film is a sort of western pastiche, more than an actual western. Or is it a series of short films? Hell, I don’t know. All I know is it’s chock-full of “that guys,” and Nipsey Russel only gets one line.

SCRATCH YER CRAW… as Matt calls forth all of his incredible improv and acting talent to artfully mimic a person that doesn’t exist and that no one ever dreamed of!!!

WALK THE LINE… of racial harmony, as Marc skates dangerously close to being offensive (according to the other guys)!!!

SADDLE UP…as Doug and Kirk discuss the merits of Roger Waters‘ latest film!!!

As always (and sometimes to our detriment) this week’s film is streaming on Netflix! You can find it there, if you are short on reasons to kill yourself. Turns out, if you have Amazon Prime, you can also stream it for free there! If you’re feeling really desperate, pick up the DVD! You can find all the amazon stuff that’s available in our store! Then head over to iTunes and please leave us a rating! Then subscribe to the podcast to be ready for next week’s episode!

Next Week: The IN-ZANE JULY-LUM is packed with lunacy as we close out this abject failure in film themes with another TV episode! This time, we’re checking out an episode of Murder She Wrote that featured Billy Zane, called A Very Good Year for Murder (season 4, episode 17)!

One thought on “Treatment 85 – Posse”

  1. I know that just a couple weeks ago I was singing the praises of Matt Ringler, but I have to say… if you guys can bring in Ron Lovitz every week I think it’s time to let everybody’s least favorite Dutchman go. I’m going to give my reasons here:

    1. Ron Lovitz deserves to be in there because, as a gay Jewish black dockworker, he’s the only minority on the podcast.

    2. Everyone else has a role: Matt MarcDonald owns all the equipment, Doug is the only guy with a lilting radio voice, and Kirk Howle plays the harmonica. Matt has sort of an “in” as the “funny guy” but frankly I think Ron Lovitz is funnier.

    3. Also, I was really surprised at Ron Lovitz’ “that guy” realizations. I could have sworn that was the Ringler’s “thing”, but I guess not.

    Anyway, I hope that you don’t only bring back Mr. Lovitz when minorities are the subject of your podcast. That’s a bit racist if you ask me, especially considering that Ron Lovitz is at least six times as talented as the Ringler (owing to the long journey he had to take to acquire his prodigious talent). I understand that getting the twin half-brother of the star of The Critic is not always the easiest thing to do, but I’d go so far as to consider paying him. You can use the money you no longer have to spend on the Ringler’s methamphetamine habit.

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