Treatment 83 – The Phantom

Welcome to the InZANE JULYlum! As a celebration of insanity, we decided to cover a string of suitably awful films featuring Billy Zane! Of course, we have plenty to choose from. We decided to pass on Titanic, because…well…honestly, it’s because none of us wanted to watch it again. But don’t worry, we have another period piece that’s full of action and romance!

The Phantom

Yep, that really boring comic strip you used to skip over to read H├Ągar the Horrible was turned into a feature film! And, in the fine tradition of The Shadow, it’s filled with inept storytelling, boring cliches, and cartoonish set-pieces! Add to that, the woefully uncharismatic performance by Mr. Zane and we have schlock!

RACE…through the jungle on faster-than-plane horses to hear the guys discuss confusing chase scenes!!!

FLY…to uncharted lands just to see if maybe there’s an island there, and then exclaim “wow, it’s really here!!!”

SPRING… into tiger cages, pirate coves, and machine rooms to show off your skin-tight, purple, spandex suit!!!

It’s all there on our latest episode, and the film is all there for you to watch on Netflix Instant. You can also find it available to buy streaming or on DVD from Amazon…look in our store for links! Be sure to head to iTunes and rate the podcast for us, we promise to read new reviews on the show! Also, while you’re there be sure to subscribe for the next InZANE JULYlum entry!

Next Week: We get even schlockier with The Crypt Keeper and Billy Zane in Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight!!!

8 thoughts on “Treatment 83 – The Phantom”

  1. At 10:20, Kirk describes The Phantom as “really Shecky” which leads me to believe that the last film in InZANE JULYlum will be Going Overboard, starring Adam Sandberg as Shecky Moskowitz (with Billy Zane in there somewhere).

    That or I’m just really high and conspiratorial.

    1. Actually, I said “really cheeky.” This was in reference to the way Billy Zane’s cheeks spread apart really wide when he smiles.

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