Treatment 82 – Over the Top

When we saw this movie was streaming, we rushed across the country to pick it up from military school so that we could try to rebuild our relationship with it after being separated from it for a very long time. We even brushed our teeth!

Over the Top

Yep, Sly Stallone is back! And he’s in another self-penned, underdog tale that’s dripping with melodrama and montages! It’s also got a kid named Mike Hawk, which we can’t seem to let go of as we talk about it.

MEET US HALFWAY… as we start another episode with an argument between Matt & Marc!!!

BELIEVE… in the power of stuff, as Doug does his Jeff Goldblum impression!!!

GO OVER THE TOP… as Kirk talks about the art of truck cab snuggling!!!

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Next Week: We begin our month-long series of Billy Zane movies, in a little something Kirk calls “InZane Julylum!” Our first movie is the mediocre superhero effort, The Phantom!

8 thoughts on “Treatment 82 – Over the Top”

  1. True story: I am serving time in a mental institution writing a book that is set in an insane asylum right now so I’m getting a kick…

  2. The contempt with which Doug refers to people who watch fishing shows (41:43) makes me smile. You can actually taste his barely concealed disgust! This leads me to believe Doug would just as soon kill a fisherman as look at him. Whatever you do, don’t wear a big yellow raincoat around Doug. And don’t offer him any Gorton’s.

  3. I like to think of Over the Top as an alternate sequel to The Omen where Damien wraps up military school, finds his real father, and decides not to use his powers to instigate armageddon.

    1. Omen the Top? This certainly helps to explain why that spoiled brat was able to win at arm wrestling against those truckstop boys. They’re just lucky none of them got decapitated by a flying piece of glass or driven to suicide by a shifty-eyed dog.

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